Strange Covert Eye Craves Fresh Freedom Fun  

In a dream detained in an upstairs room, life is busy, frantic as ever, all my duties, people’s needs, I push on till I’m ready to drop. Like a hamster wheel, run, run, run.

I flop over the top of my dresser, a rather personal space.
On the dresser sits a small coin?
No, not a coin but a hole. It’s a tube going three stories down into the basement.
I peer down through it.

Another eye looks up at me.
Suddenly I know this is my own eye.
Eye to eye. Mind to mind.

It is my deepest self who lives in the basement.
It is my undercurrent.
It pleads with me to breathe, slow down, save yourself.
We got to get out of here.
Leave this trap. Break free.
Time to escape, it compels me.

As dreams go, I can’t get out. I fumble. I must finish repairing things.

Get out, be free, lighten up, find your fun.

Mishaps block me, delay me.

When will we go?
When will we go?
When will we go?
It waits for me. My other I. My deepest I. My loving and supportive I.

Will I throw away my freedom because I cannot drop the repairs I’m supposed to finish?
Who says I’m supposed to?
Nobody says. Nobody but me.

My habit of fixing things imprisons me.
I must perfect things and stay busy.
Without fun, without freedom.

What a mind trap. A trap of my own making.
But we all trap ourselves in different ways.
In our own personality style, we might focus on lack or hazard or affection or other snares.
It’s empowering to see how we ambush ourselves.

Apart from our habitual trap, 99% of life is beautiful.
But we miss it because our attention is stuck.
When I die will I care that I repaired stuff to the nth degree?
Will I wonder why I stayed too busy to play, too busy to use my curiosity and love of life?

Do you have an I in the basement calling out to you?
What is your covert eye trying to tell you?
How do you keep yourself too busy?
What  distraction prevents you from seeing your life as a gift?

What would feed your soul?

What would make you feel like a kid again, full of eagerness and joy?

What would make your heart as light as a feather?

Go for it.
Follow your heart.
Let us know where it leads.

Have you enjoyed a soul-speaking dream? Please share it with us.

 “Days pass, years vanish, and we walk sightless among miracles.” – Hebrew prayer

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