Heal Yourself Breathwork, A Sweet Free Gift

What if you could drop your troubles, clear out blockages, get a natural high, and feast on bliss by using the power of your own breath?

When I tried Inner Awareness Breathwork (IAB) online, hosted by Michael Stone, it began with holotropic breathing: rapid deep breaths without pausing at the end of the inhale nor at the exhale.
This is circular breathing, constantly moving breath.

I thought, here we go, fast full breaths, don’t stop.
My head chatter dissolved.
I had to focus totally on breath.
Stone’s awesome music swept me into sweet expansion.
I smiled. Where did he get such stirring music?

Was I tingling all over from the orchestra or from the breath? Didn’t matter.
Mild dizziness came up, but it was okay. (It was expected.)
Every cell in my body lit up.
My heart warmed.
The music swelled, unfolded, and burst into higher planes.

My body began to tremble gently. That’s what it wanted to do.
What a journey, and it kept going!
Twenty minutes into the hour I began laughing and laughing and laughing.
I simply felt that happy.
My body went on trembling and shaking off a lot of stuff that needed to leave.
None of that mattered as I rode the magic carpet of the melodies.

Like with other styles of energy work, I went Home, beyond the narrow concept of the body, beyond the physical plane.
Once again I knew viscerally that the universe loves us, supports us.
I floated in that field where all-is-well all the time.
I swam in the radiance of the higher self.
What could I do but laugh and laugh for joy?

Not everybody will laugh their head off with this method.
But everybody will remove energy  blocks, which is a healthy thing to do.

Many people get stiff muscles, called tetany. The body tightens up first in order to let go and relax more fully. The hands might cramp up into claws for a short while. Don’t worry. This tightness arises from old cellular memories and emotional wounds that are clearing out.

Some people may remember bad memories and want to discharge sadness, fear, anger, screaming, moaning, crying. Things that have been stuck inside for years are now released. This makes a wonderful shift, a fresh start in life.

In Stone’s words, “participants do faster, deeper breathing to music in order to quiet their ego/thinking mind and get access to their inner intelligence that everybody has but generally cannot access very often.”
He suggests doing IAB on a regular basis to strengthen your neural pathways and shift your mind.

My psychiatrist friend tells me this breathwork “can help dissolve the ego and allow for a more accurate perspective in our relationship to one another. For some that may lead to happiness. For others, just a more satisfying existence.”

Michael Stone’s IAB session lasts 90 minutes. The actual breathwork with deeply inspiring music is about 55 minutes within that time.
Sounds like a big chunk out of your day, right?
It did to me. But once I got into it, it was absolutely amazing.
(Click here for the free offer. Or this signup for 3 free.)

Try it! Leave the doldrums behind! Open up to a higher reality!
Even if you get muscle cramps and release cellular nightmares, eventually you will come to true peace. This is a fast track to Nirvana, I think.

Holotropic breathwork was created by psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav Grof in the 1970s.
Michael Stone’s IAB is more than plain holotropic breathing, but you’ll find many breathwork presentations you may enjoy:
Click here for videos from Wim Hof “The Iceman.”
Or look at both holotropic and shamanic breathwork with Bill Farr.

Have you tried any of these approaches?
Tell us how it went for you!

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