The Light of your Soul

The Light of our Being, emerging from darkness. This is from my friend Rose, published recently in The Keene Sentinel newspaper of Keene, NH

The Light of your Soul by Rose Carey

The layers of Maya surrounding this earth are the “prisms” that refract the white light of your soul into its many earthly colors.
We are first beings of white light.
At birth we come into Maya—the illusion which is this world and separates us from Above. As the essence of your soul settles into this world and your physical body at birth, five sheaths of energy bring in aspects which become layers of you, physical body systems and personality. These are your genetic blueprint. Three colors or primary energies (gunas) are present: light, dark, and neutral. You are light, and shadow, then into matter.

When the energy of your soul enters this world, it begins to spin. As these three primary colors begin to spin, the light, the dark and neutral, secondary colors are created which become chakra colors. Our chakras glow with the colors of this world, those of the rainbow. In all, 72 energies combine to form us. This is what we work with throughout our lives, how these energies manifest or not.

This truth about the light of your soul comes through my teacher C. J. Whitedeer, a Cherokee elder who sees the colors and light of the human aura.

As many of us seek our internal light and our soul’s essence, we often think there is a separation of our physical nature from our divine nature. We think that our essence might have become obscured through the daily living of life. This is not true! We never become separated from our essence, our soul. As a healer I am taught to bring pure color and light into my hands and offer it to another, not to pump it in, but rather bring it to my palms and let my client gather from it as needed.
The same is true in regards to your soul, let it rise to the surface of your consciousness where you may gather understanding and grace as you will.

Higher frequencies create greater health in your body.
The more you allow your divine self to express itself, the healthier you become.
If you let your consciousness be at your heart level, you will naturally bring the higher frequencies of your divine self to connect with the earthly frequencies of your physical body. This creates a harmony of energy for living along with many other benefits as well.
This life on earth trains us to seek unity where there is duality. We are seeking the unity of what we really are.

We can manipulate the structure of what-is – that which holds physical things in place – but we cannot manipulate the illusion or Maya of this world. We have the frequencies and colors of the rainbow as tools to change the structure of ourselves and our world.
These frequencies affect our state of consciousness and the consciousness of our chakras. We can spend much of our life living from first chakra (which is a specific color and frequency), living in survival mode. Or we can release our fears and find our souls (again a shift in color and frequency).
How we take on these shifts, these color-changes, is not mystery. It happens most often as a response to emotion, beauty, or centered contentment.

There are some things that cannot be changed, though. These relate to the nature of the universe and the lessons for your soul.
Your unmanifested white light, your soul, acquires its blueprint or matrix as it enters this realm. When you pass through Maya and its five sheaths, your aspects gain density and physicality. These five sheaths of energy bring in different aspects – one gives bone, one gives personality, etc. These are the givens which remain constant and cannot be changed by us. They come from the Maya.

A few of the cosmic rules that govern us: “You must give before you can receive,” in other words, you must have an open heart to give or to take in love from another.
“Energy is never lost, it is only transformed” describes the mystery of moving from one state of being into another.
“What goes up must come down” is a reflection on the duality of this world.
“Love is all there is” – that which we seek is deeply within us.

The birth of light is once again within us and around us as we approach the seasonal turn from the darkness of winter. May we open our hearts through loving acts and generosity of spirit, and in so doing take on an energy that transforms us.
It is my prayer that we may all be reborn in the light of the divine within.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more, check out “Love is a Quality of Your Soul” at and download the free mp3 “Grounding and Alignment”, as well as read other articles on healing. Rose Carey is the founder of LifeLight Center at 206 Washington Street in Keene. She has nearly 30 years of private practice in energy medicine and holistic body therapies. She is sensitive to and repairs the energy pathways of your body and aligns your energy, nervous and muscular/skeletal systems. Call for info and appointments at 603-852-8300.

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