3 Easy Ways to Lighten Up, Drop Bad Energies

Is it dark emotions or thought-forms or cling-ons or the haunting voice of your mean old coach? All of the above? Sometimes unwanted energies stick to us.

My dark mood can draw these vibrations to me. If I keep returning to a fear, anger, or sadness, then I may need help to find the root cause and remove it, make peace with the old trauma.

But sometimes this murky energy does not belong to us.
We take it on without realizing it.
How do we let it go?

Find good tips in How to Drop It; How to Brighten Up; Protect Your Energy; Your Astounding Voice (toning); Restore My Good Vibes; Protection from Bad Vibes; Healing Code.

3 more approaches on how to lighten up –

  • Salt
  • Essential Oils
  • Self Healing Energy Methods

Salt lamps or dry salt or even salt water absorbs and removes negative energies, allowing fresh calm energy to flow in. (Western science can’t explain it, but don’t knock it till you try it.)
In the medical field we know salt is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and also draws out toxins. We use it for gargling a sore throat, healing mucous membranes (on either end of the body), soothing eczema and psoriasis with a salty bath, and more.

It sounds wild that salt removes emotional toxins from the air itself, and yet. For centuries people of India have washed the floors with salt water to remove sadness and tragic vibrations. According to Ayurveda salt is absorbing and drying – absorbing negativity. Also salt is made of crystals, so its properties naturally amplify (any crystal structure is an amplifier).

Let’s say you have a grouchy co-worker or roommate. Or maybe you have the blues, maybe some grief.
You don’t need to buy a $25 salt lamp (although they are snazzy).
You can right now put a handful of salt in a cup of water. Mix it up and place it on your desk or a shelf in your living room (behind a plant to avoid complaints from the grouch). Make several cups of salt water. Spread them around. Leave them there for a month. Then throw them out. Notice how the ambient energy has improved.
(I noticed. Let me know if you do?)

Essential oils can help drop heavy energies and uplift your vibration.
Mist them into the air using a diffuser (dispersing water with oil drops on top).
Or put a few drops on a handkerchief and inhale the scent.

Dilute essential oils with jojoba oil or another oil carrier for topical use on the skin. Massage into the soles of your feet or around the edges of your ears. Both areas nurture your meridian system.

Some oils to choose from (probably not all at once 😉

  1. For anxiety (concern about the future), try orange, lemon, lavender, basil, cedarwood, frankincense, jasmine, rose, or sandalwood.
  2. For calming oneself, use lavender, ylang ylang, rose, orange, cedarwood, or bergamot.
  3. For depression (ruminating about the past), use sage, jasmine, grapefruit, rosemary, lavender, frankincense, lemon, or bergamot.


Self Healing Energy Methods – most can be done anywhere anytime:

  • Ground yourself to earth. Feel the strong envelope of your aura, your barrier against invasion.
  • Stay grounded to earth and connected to heaven with divine light flowing through your core.
  • Inhale Light into every cell of your body. Exhale anything that feels negative or dark.
  • At the end of the day (or anytime), point your palms to the earth and send out excess energies. Allow all worries and concerns to flow into the earth to be recycled.
  • Take a hot bath with 2 cups Epsom salts or sea salt, Himalayan or kosher salt, along with several drops of lavender and sage essential oils.
  • Simply immersing yourself in water releases unwanted energies. Go for a swim.
  • Use EFT meridian tapping to release and balance your emotions. (eftuniverse.com)
  • Give yourself a re-balancing energy session or ask a friend to do this for you.
  • If you suspect an unwelcome burdensome hitchhiker, say aloud, “Anything that is not (my name) must leave now.”
  • Burn a bundle of sage (smudge). The smoke cleanses you and your surroundings, so “paint” the smoke all over as you go.

Quick self treatment videos from energy master Donna Eden:

zip up

expel the venom

pull ears to release overwhelm

triple warmer smoothie

5 minute energy routine

In all of this, please remember you have a ladder to visit all vibrations.

The important thing is to get skilled at moving up and down that ladder.

Can I lighten up when I want to?
This is the key.

I would love to hear how it goes for you. Please let me know 😉

Scientists tell us energy medicine is 100x more efficient than chemical medicine. Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Also check out our meditation groups – Tuesdays in Phoenix.
(A pic of my salt lamp 😉
my salt lamp

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