How Bad Energy Gets Stuck, How to Drop It

What are those murky achy feelings at the end of a long day?
Dozens of unresolved issues and emotions pull at you.
It feels like people gave you bad energy?
I hear you.

Emotions carry strong electromagnetic energy.
Look at a two-year-old letting their emotions flow. Strong stuff.
Parents teach them to chill out. Damp it down.

By the time we grow up, we hardly deal with our emotions. We’re too busy to have feelings. Feelings get in the way. We ignore them, to our detriment. Their energy gets stuck in our body.

In 2013 researchers in Finland, testing the responses of 700 international people, created body maps of energy showing specific emotions.
Heat rises in our face, chest, arms when we’re angry (like we’re ready to fight).
We feel cold blue all over when we’re depressed.
Surprise strikes us in the face and upper chest.
Contempt heats up the head but turns the rest of the body cold. Envy has a similar pattern.

Happiness warms and brightens our whole body right down to the tips of our toes. We like to bask in that and feel all of it before it fades.

But the unwanted emotions? We stifle and block those.

Emotion is energy in motion.
If we clamp it down and disregard it, that energy gets stuck in our cells.

Remember a moment when you were driving along, and somebody cut so close in front of you that the shock of danger sent needles into your face and chest?
Sudden shock has this pattern, and the residual stress lingers in your body.

In a similar way, when a violent story hits your newsfeed, part of you is shocked and dismayed. That energy gets stuck in you. It builds up and festers. It drags you down.

Is it any wonder that we get back pain from anxiety? Pain in our shoulders from our burdens? Pain in our wrists when we can’t handle the challenge at hand? Pain in our feet when it’s hard to take the next step in life?

7 ways bad energy clings to us:

  • Negative emotional energies can latch on during our day at work, in our community, or from the media.  Up to 98% of our feelings do not belong to us but are picked up sympathetically. We have mirror neurons that pick up others’ emotions. We feel what they feel, just by the look on their face. We are empaths. (Breathe and ask yourself: Does this feeling belong to me? If it does not, then say, “Return to sender with consciousness.” See Access Consciousness.)
  • Our own half-forgotten traumas, bad memories, unresolved stresses do get lodged in the body in our cellular memory. (Also in our aura.) For example, unbeknownst to me this heartache belongs to my three-year-old self who felt abandoned. Traces of this might be expressed in a tantrum decades later.
  • Somebody’s strong emotion “out there” in the world resonates with and sticks to a similar trauma in my own cellular memory. Then I carry it home. I might feel rotten and clueless. Their trauma has amplified my unresolved trauma.
  • Like attracts Like. If I am complaining, I will be a magnet for complaints and complainers.
  • We have chronic emotional habits that we may not notice. (Mindfulness can help us see what we do to ourselves. Eventually we realize, “Oh I’m doing this thing again.” Enneagram personality exploration helps to uncover this.)
  • Our habit-of-mind (personality) may affect particular body areas. Such as clenched jaws (or TMJ) for a perfectionist, tension in chest and shoulders for a giver. (More about this in a future post on somatic release for enneagram types.)
  • The dramas and traumas of our ancestors remain in our DNA until we resolve and make peace with them. Their anguish can cause lingering health issues for us. (Sounds wild? Many current practices hold this as truth and use it for successful healing.)

How to release bad energy:

Remember emotion is energy in motion.
It wafts in. Let it waft out. Don’t ignore it.
Let the emotion rise and blossom.
Feel the energy of it.
Locate the sensation of it in your body.
Where is it? What does it feel like?
Allow yourself to make a sound, any sound to express this feeling – a moan, groan, hum, scream, any sound at all.
Vocalizing will clear the energy from your body.
Keep making the sounds until you feel relaxed. This method simply works.

If you’re in a situation where you cannot make noise, then keep breathing and noticing the sensations in your body.
You might name the feeling. (“Oh, this is anger coming through.”)
You do not have to act it out.
You do not have to choke anybody or spread more of it.
Simply recognize and breathe through it.
See it, breathe it.
Breathe again. The energy will dissipate.

In themselves emotions are not good or bad, they’re just energy.
Don’t push away or push back at these emotions.
Let them flow through.

More practical ways to clear out murky energies –
Take a brisk walk outside in the natural world.
Inhale nature and light; exhale murky energies.
Sing along to some favorite tunes.

Take a bath with extra salt or Epsom salts – Magnesium relaxes the body.

Point your palms to the floor and let all tensions, troubles, and energies pour into the earth to be recycled. You do not have to deal with them. Just send them out.

Go barefoot on the earth, in the grass, or even on cement. This will discharge static energy and refresh you. Lying down on the earth helps a lot too.
(Outdoor yoga, barefoot, would be delicious!)

Tell us, what is your favorite way to reset your good vibrations?
I would love to hear your comments.

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