Brilliant Healthy Stuff: Just Like Sugar

The season of sweets is upon us: cookies, cakes, pies! Brownies!! Oh my!
Now you can enjoy them:

  • without sugar calories (you heard me),
  • without bumping your blood sugar up and down,
  • without danger for diabetics or pre-diabetics (that’s 44% of us in USA),
  • without sugar alcohols or any of the awful chemicals in sweeteners,
  • without the many dangers of sugar (yeast overgrowth, bloating, poor immune function, accelerated aging, tooth decay, weight gain, heart disease and more).
  • With the great advantage of lowering your LDL cholesterol!
  • With natural good support for your gallbladder and your liver!
  • With natural relief of indigestion!
  • With remarkable Fiber to feed your intestinal microbiota!

When you gain a large healthy supply of microbiota (friendly flora, bifidobacteria), they stop harmful bacteria and toxins, enhance your digestive enzymes, produce more B vitamins and folic acid, and repair your immune system so you are far healthier and more resistant to all types of disease (including cancer)!

The key to all the above is a product called “Just Like Sugar.”
Have you heard of it?
(No, I am not on their sales team, they don’t even know me, but I like their stuff.)
Of course it tastes Just Like Sugar. It’s a white powder that looks almost granulated.

The makers of Just Like Sugar use 4 ingredients, all of which are free of herbicides and pesticides: chicory root, orange peel, calcium citrate and vitamin C.
But the final amounts of calcium and vitamin C are super-small, and the main benefit is the fiber, fiber, fiber of the chicory root.

96 grams of fiber per 100 grams of this powder (about a half cup)
2 teaspoons in a cup of tea = 8 grams of fiber

The friendly-flora gut cheerleaders recommend 40 Gm of fiber per day to support your microbiota, and that’s not easy to get, but this chicory root can help you reach the goal.(Not that you want to swig a 48-gram quarter-cup of it in your drink  – or do you?)

Just Like Sugar dissolves well in a hot drink, takes more time and blending in a cold drink. (That’s the only drawback I found.)
It works well in all your brownie-cookie-cake-sweets recipes. Smoothies! Latte Mocha! Fudge! Think of the possibilities!
Use this as you would regular sugar, although this is slightly less sweet (see adjusted amounts).
Check out their recipes –

Be advised that if you eat a ton of this you will get a large dose of fiber which might not be the greatest idea for IBS (or it might, because you need friendly flora). Please consult your health practitioner. A gradual increase of fiber is recommended for most of us.

Thanks to my wonderful brother and sister-in-law who introduced me to Just Like Sugar.
Have you tried it?
What do you think?

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