Wake Up, Give it Up, Love is Now

Can you imagine how much energy we waste in resisting unliked people, things, situations, politicians, cultural groups, all the rabble-rousers?

Can you imagine how much it costs us to engage in our inner snarls, grumps, snappy comebacks (that finally pop into our heads at 2am and keep us awake)?

Can you imagine how resistance to any thing depletes us, on the spot?

Our biofield energy literally clamps down and shrinks with any negative emotion.
Sure, it’s only human to feel what we feel, and it IS important to release our trauma and nurture ourselves. This is vital for our wellbeing.

But when we get into a loop of constant resistance and grumbling and separating ourselves from whomever we dislike, then we are devouring our own energy.
Our own thoughts eat us up even when “those people” are a thousand miles away.

Enfeebling cortisol floods our body. Stress hormones rule.
The more we dwell on what we don’t like, the weaker we become.
Stress rages and damages us because we are resisting life as it is.
What if we could allow life to be itself?

“Pushing against” depletes us.
Our grump, our fussiness drains our energy.
We affect others, exhausting our family, friends, neighborhood, our place.
Vibrationally, we debilitate the earth itself.
We do.

Resistance does not serve us. Not anymore.

The only thing that can heal us and heal our planet is for each of us to relax, release, and surrender into the natural ever-present power of love.

“Ever-present?” You grimace. “Hell, that’s not true – open your eyes and see the chaos, you silly Hufflepuff.”

I reply, “You’re looking at a chaotic illusion which we keep perpetuating with our pent-up unconscious behaviors. Each of us can get conscious (meditate), and when we do, we know the underlying Reality is that Love and Light (biophotons) feed every freaking thing on this planet, including you, including dense rocks and the dense people you despise.”

Give it up.
Give it up.
Give up resistance.
It feels so good to let it go.
Let go into the bigger picture of harmony.
Better feelings then bubble up, expand our biofield energy, and nourish us a thousand ways.
The better we feel, the better we feel (as Abraham-Hicks says).

Turn toward allowing and appreciating the suchness of what-is.
Nothing else will work for us in these difficult times.
We are growing up into broad view.

Love is what we are made of, at our core.
Love is ever present.
Love and Light pour into you with every breath, if you allow this.

In your next uptight moment, give it a breath and let go of that tightness.
Give it a whirl.
You don’t have to be a Hufflepuff.
Everybody breathes.
Everybody carries light.

Pass it on.

Thanks to Dr. Peebles for his persistent phrase, “You are Love. That is Who you Are.”

Narrow View and Broad View

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(Thanks to flickr for this awesome image of surrender into love.)
freed the world grid and the whirled mind flickr


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  1. Nicole Brown says:

    Such a good reminder Diane. I try to practice this and then let myself get upset again with what is going on in our world. Then I go to bed at night and decide the next day I will be all “love,” KNOWING everything really is in perfect order although we don’t see. God knows what needs to happen to bring around Divine Love and Light and Growth for all.

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