Why You Feel Better, Stronger, Terrific Without Dairy

Oh, Dairy!
We love dairy, from yogurt to cheese to ice cream!
Creamy, soft, chewy, comforting.
It seems to love us like Mama did.
With lactose intolerance, we get
belly pain and cramps,

After the age of five, most humans (75% of us) no longer produce enough lactase enzyme to properly digest the lactose in milk products. This mature change in digestion is also true of most mammals.
That’s Mother Nature for you.
“Lactose intolerant” is sort of natural for grownups of most species.

The lactose-intolerant population is roughly:
15% in Scandinavia and northern Europe
30% in Europe, Russia, Australia
45% in North America
60% to 80% in Central America, Middle East, India, South America, Africa
Up to 100% in Asia, China, Indonesia, southern half of Africa

Then again some of us adapt to keep consuming dairy for years after we are weaned.
(That doesn’t mean it’s good for us – stay tuned.)

The dairy industry campaigns to keep us on dairy, claiming it has health benefits.
But the fact of the matter is,

+Milk does not make athletes run faster nor perform better.
+Dairy does not strengthen bones. It actually increases the risk of fractures.
+The lowest rates of osteoporosis are found in dairy-free Asia and Africa.
+Dairy increases the risk of prostate cancer and heart disease.
+Dairy worsens irritable bowel (IBS).
+Dairy can generate sinus congestion.
+Taking lactase enzyme supplements might not be the brightest thing to do.

If you have a heavy dairy habit and you give it up, you might feel:
more energy,
fewer headaches,
less mucus,
a more comfortable tummy.
And less weight.

But how will I get my calcium?
Green vegetables like broccoli, leafy greens, sesame tahini, many other sources. (And calcium is now mistakenly added to various foods – not that we need tons of calcium.)

Calcium is just one of many minerals in the bones, anyhow.
You want lots of minerals, a good balance of healthy foods.

Most of us grow too calcified as we age, resulting in stiff arteries, stiff heart valves, congestive heart failure, bone spurs, stenosis, and kidney stones.

If you get too much calcium, as many of us do, it causes your magnesium to drop lower. The two minerals directly affect each other. (See Stop Calcium Pills.)

Low magnesium may lead to:
poor appetite, nausea,
muscle cramps, twitches,
leg cramps at night or anytime.

Some studies say 90% of us are deficient in magnesium.
Our typical intake of sugar, soft drinks, caffeine, processed foods, and a lack of greens all deplete magnesium.
Stress depletes magnesium.
(There you go. We all deal with stress.)

For your good health,
1) reduce your high-calcium dairy intake and
2) eat more magnesium: lots of green vegetables, leafy greens, beans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, quinoa, wheat germ, and whole grains. Magnesium supplements are a great idea.
(Many greens contain both calcium and magnesium in healthy balance with each other.)

You don’t have to totally stop every ounce of this creamy dairy.
Just don’t overdo it.
Make it an occasional treat.
Eat more veggies.
Or not.
It’s your body.
(Gosh. We know that yummy cheese stick in your purse is calling you. At least put some celery sticks in there so you have a choice.  …Yes, okay, you found me out, I’m putting cream in my tea. We gotta live a little.)

Tell us, what are your favorite veggie options in the spur of the moment?


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