Best Natural Relief for Tendon Pain, Yes

How about that freaking tendonitis, exquisite tendon pain? It can strike near any joint in your body. This week it cropped up for several  friends and myself, so let’s talk about this.

It happens more often for the over- 40 crowd because our tendon-nurturing collagen production slows as we age.
But anybody can get it, as I did at age 21 when I suddenly strapped on a heavy backpack and carried it everyday on an adventure trip, stressing my Achilles tendons so my heels  screamed with every step for a month.

Yes, repetitive stress on any joint, from fingers to toes, from tennis elbow to jumper’s knee, can bring on an inflamed tendon. Which as we know is exquisitely painful. The area can be stiff, super-tender, sensitive, hurts more when you move it.

How to stop tendonitis?
Calm down the inflammation, boost your collagen, lubricate that tendon, and more.

  1. Lubricate the whole body with excellent hydration. Drink half your body weight in ounces each day. Drink Celtic salt water! Don’t let yourself to walk around dehydrated. Don’t let your cells wither into prunes.
  2. Rest the painful body part if you can. Avoid using it. You can wear a splint or a thick bandage to keep that joint from moving too much, for awhile.
  3. Ice packs reduce pain and swelling by constricting the blood vessels. Use ice 20 minutes at a time, especially with the first onset of pain. (For inflammation on the sole of the foot you can roll a frozen water bottle underneath your foot.)
  4. Heat: if the painful tendon has already been with you for a while, use heat packs.
    Heat increases blood flow to help the healing.
  5. Hot Castor oil packs placed on the  painful area  for 15-20 minutes  bring great relief  and remove inflammation. (Prep takes 5 minutes! All you need is castor oil, an old metal spoon, cotton balls, and a candle – see how to do it.)
  6. Curcumin is the anti-inflammatory substance in Tumeric. You can take either of these supplements to reduce the pain.
  7. Yucca juice extract clears inflammation from the whole body, makes your joints happy.
  8. Omega-3 fish oil reduces inflammation and speeds healing. (Fish oil also thins the blood.)
  9. MSM is anti-inflammatory and reduces muscular pain – try 1000 mg three times a day.
  10. Vitamin C boosts collagen to keep tendons strong and happy. Try 500 mg three times a day, or use a time-release Vitamin C.
  11. Serrapeptase (10mg to 50 mg) breaks down extraneous fibrin, scar tissue, and mucus in injured tendons and throughout the body. But it is a blood thinner, be aware. (Take on an empty stomach as directed.)
  12. Wintergreen essential oil – combine it with jojoba oil or another carrier oil, and rub it into the painful area. (Also consider peppermint, lavender, or helichrysm oils.)
  13. More topicals to rub into the painful tendon: Arnica gel or cream, DMSO (70%), or Renu 28 gel.
  14. Epsom salt baths, full of relaxing Magnesium, can soothe tendonitis. Use 2 lb (32 oz) or more Epsom salt in a hot hot-water bath. (To soak just a hand or foot in a pot, use a cup of Epsom salt in very hot water for good absorption.)
  15. Watch what you put in your mouth! Avoid too much alcohol, caffeine, sugar, carbs, fried foods, all of which promote inflammation.
    Eat more vegetables, greens, berries and vitamin C fruits, foods high in potassium and magnesium such as avocados, white beans, pumpkin seeds, Swiss chard, quinoa.
    Pineapple is high in anti-inflammatory Bromelain.
    Bone broth is restorative.
    Healthy proteins are important to repair all body tissues including tendons.
  16. Your tendon might be out of place and pulling in unnatural directions. If you suspect this, look into Biomechanical Restructuring, an alignment method that puts your ligaments and tendons back where they belong. Invented by Valerie Revering.

Lots of options! Try what you like, and let us know how it goes.

Have you had tendonitis?
What worked for you?
Can you send us another suggestion not mentioned here?

Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system and your overall health.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Inquire about our weekly healing class, Tuesday evenings in Phoenix.
(Thanks to wikimedia and pixabay for the images we put together in this pic.)
tendonitis relief smile wikipedia pixabay


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