How to Get True Healing – Unlock the Root Cause

Have you noticed how life speaks to us through our symptoms?
Sometimes the message is obvious. (My foot hurts and I don’t want to “take the next step.”)
Sometimes it’s not so obvious. (What’s up with my sore teeth?)
Sometimes I reach for Louise Hay’s 1982 classic, Heal Your Body, which presents the meaning behind a symptom and offers affirmations to relieve it.
Have you played with this book?
(Hmm – Teeth are about decisions, she says?)

How many of us (like me) jump right into the affirmation without thinking twice?
And it does not bring relief.
After all these decades it finally hit me: I need to think twice.

I need to find out why I am holding onto the issue before I can truly release it. (Louise does point this out in her opening pages, but I skipped over that in 1982.)

My body has a good reason for expressing this pain, this resistance.
A root cause sits underneath this problem, and I must face it.
What is my body telling me?

  1. Why do I “need” this problem?
  2. How is my personal opinion or belief causing trouble here?
  3. Can I release my misguided “need” for this problem?
  4. Can I forgive myself and forgive others on this topic?
  5. Does this problem/symptom give benefits that I like? (Sick days feel good, in a way.)

My dear teeth, are you feeling indecisive?
(Sheesh, I don’t know how Louise comes up with this, but let’s investigate.)
Am I facing uncomfortable decisions?
Yeah, maybe – there are so many unknowns and so many conflicting opinions in life.
Which decisions are bugging me? (Play the Jeopardy music while I ponder.)

Who told me I had to be decisive? (My inner critic and/or an authority in the distant past.)
Do I believe I must know everything, decide everything? (Yup.)
Am I pressuring myself? (Yup.)

Hey! My root cause just dawned on me:
I “need” to choose the one best decision.

I believe there’s only one best choice, and I’m afraid I’ll mess it up.
I gotta get it right, or else!
Or else what??
Or else nothing.
No big deal.
Hey, I don’t have to pressure myself with this silly belief in perfect decisions!
What if I make a bad decision? Is that the end of the world?
What’s the worst that could happen?
Mistakes help us grow, right?
Heck, let’s make some bad choices just to loosen up!

Now that I pulled out the root cause of this belief in “perfect rightness of decisions,” I can see more clearly. I can release it.
The problem will begin to wither without its root.

Next – my affirmation for my decisions/teeth.
Louise Hay handed me a line, but I wanted something personal so I made this one up:
I release “one right way” thinking, and I make choices that feel good to me.
I can’t get it wrong – there’s always another option.

And you say, “Gee Diane, why don’t you just ask your dentist about this?”
Well, there is that.
But the spirit infuses the body, and my mental habits affect my body.
The dentist heals from the outside in (with chemicals and such).
I want to heal from the inside out.
Because human life is an inside job.

How about your symptom?
What root cause is revealed for you?

Want another quick example?
My “need” for my headache is that I need everything to be perfect and be under my control.
That need is unattainable.
I struggle against reality and unwittingly squeeze my scalp muscles like a vice around my head. It hurts.

When I see what I’m doing, I feel silly.
Look where my views have brought me.
I squeezed my head only because I disagreed with “what-is” in the world.
I’ve been making trouble for myself.

Do I want this pain to continue, or can I release it and forgive it?
It all boils down to forgiving and releasing.

I forgive myself for being uptight and craving control.
I forgive another person for messing up my “perfect” plans.
I forgive the world for being in whatever shape it’s in.

Does any of this work for you? Are we onto something? Do tell.


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Diane offers energy balancing sessions and also meditation classes in Phoenix and Fountain Hills.
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Sacred tree roots by pexels

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  1. Nicole Brown says:

    I love the way you communicate with others. There is such a kindness and understanding in your voice. I like how you view things and change them to fit your individual self allowing us to do the same. To go deeper with Louise Hay’s book felt very good. Yes we need to dig deeper and forgive. Love you my friend.


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