Gallbladder Pain Relief, How to Feel Better Now 

Removal of the gallbladder is one of the most common surgeries around the world, but the trouble can often be handled without surgery.
Gallbladder pain – in the upper right abdomen or the upper back – arises from gallstones blocking the bile duct. Symptoms may include indigestion, bloating, nausea and vomiting.
An episode might occur after eating fatty foods, but the issue may become a recurring pain. Do not ignore it. You need to calm it down. You need to reduce the inflammation, or it can bring serious consequences.

After you get it calmed down you’ll  want to release those gallstones with a natural cleanse using Epsom salt, olive oil, and grapefruit or lemon juice. (Yes it’s “free,” as many good things in life are. And you’ll get no cholecystectomy – gallbladder removal.)

First get out of pain:
– The gallbladder is in your upper right abdomen just below your rib cage.gallbladder pain relief spot (Don’t push on it too much.) Massage the spot just opposite to it, underneath your left rib cage (green spot in diagram). This may feel sore too. Press and massage it deeply for 1 – 2 minutes to stop gallbladder pain.

– Apply a hot damp towel, heating pad, or hot water bottle to your upper right abdomen for about 20 minutes. (Wet a small towel, wring it out, and microwave it for a minute. Don’t burn your skin.) This hot compress can reduce spasms, soften and open up the area inside, reducing that painful pressure.

– Drink some apple cider vinegar diluted in water or apple juice. (Use 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water.) This reduces inflammation. Apples contain pectin which softens gallstones.

– Peppermint tea can reduce pain, relieve nausea, and improve your digestion.

Now that you are out of pain, let’s talk.
Gallbladder issues usually arise from your diet, but you can change this.
It’s important for you now to stop eating:
– Sugar
– Refined grains like donuts, bread, pasta, etc.
– Fats and fatty greasy foods. Even stop eating nuts for a while.

Eat more fiber and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, kale. Get your leafy greens and your orange veggies each day.
Eat an apple a day. No kidding. (Pectin to soften stones.)
Please do the full dietary preparation for a month before you try the cleanse/flush mentioned below.

You can take Choline and/or Magnesium supplements to relax the gallbladder.

Another helpful method to relax the gall bladder is special body work called Visceral Manipulation:

Gallstones begin as soft lumps of cholesterol that accumulate over time. Often they are mushy, not really “stones” when a surgeon removes them.
Even if they’re not so soft, you can soften them up by eating more pectin, more apples, especially green apples, everyday.

You can pass gallstones out of your digestive tract naturally without surgery.
See the instructions for the gallbladder flush, which people have been using successfully for two centuries already. YES it does work.

Just make sure to drink tons of water to help the process along.
I recommend that in the week before you even begin preparing the flush process, start to drink Celtic salt water. This will hydrate and plump up all your cells, all your tissues, all your liquid communications throughout the body. It enhances all your digestive processes for smooth performance.

On the final day of the flush you’ll want to stay close to the toilet because your colon will expel many small lumps of cholesterol (a.k.a. stones) from your gallbladder.
(If you’re anything like me, you will see this as a beautiful healthy day. You may feel a bit worn out by the end of it, but it is so worthwhile. You can do this for general health every few years if you like.)

The word “gall” means bitterness, resentment, hatred. In olden times (or even now) a person might say, “That galls me.”
In healing your gallbladder, or even if you don’t yet have gallbladder trouble, find out what galls you.
What are you bitter about?
Then see what you can do to release that aggravation, resentment, bitterness.
Can you let go into peace on that topic, whatever it is?
Can you relax and forgive it?
You don’t want to make yourself sick over it.

I stand by my strong opinion that our body ailments are messages to us.
They are metaphors for what we’re going through in our life.

Have you ever done one of these flushes?
What is your experience with cleansing?
(I do have a photo of my cholesterol lumps lined up from small to large but I’m not sure I should share that one…?)
Let me know what you think.

One important caveat:
In the worst cases a person may have a gangrenous gallbladder. This means the gallbladder dies and creates a big infection that can be fatal. (More common in older people, but can happen at any age.) Surgery is needed.

Understand that on the internet we are simply sharing ideas. Not every idea is good for every person.

You will definitely want to see this too:
Gallbladder and Liver Cleanse with Preparation Diet


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  3. Received from a reader:
    Will this gallbladder flush really work.
    I’m afraid I may have big gallstones and how will they pass. I had an ultrasound done with multiple gallstones but don’t know their size.
    Have been in lots of pain and very bloated. I have tried natural remedies such as lemon water, dandelions and apple juice with apple cider vinegar but to little relief. Not sure what to do. Doctors say I need surgery done.

    Hello Mariah,
    I’m sorry to hear about your continued pain.
    Certainly there are cases where a person does need surgery. You will need to follow your own guidance on this.
    This free advice blog should not be taken as the ultimate authority. We are not giving medical treatment here, only sharing ideas.
    Each person’s situation is unique.

    In the worst cases a person may have a gangrenous gallbladder. This means the gallbladder dies and creates a big infection that can be fatal. (More common in older people, but can happen at any age.)

    Yet there are ways to alleviate gallstones without surgery.
    In the earliest phases of this condition, gallstones are not as hard as stones but somewhat soft and crumbly. They are firm enough to cause pain.

    If a person decided to try the alternative style of treatment, my best free advice, non-medical remedy, would be to spend 1 month:

    * Drinking a large amount of Celtic salt water (2 gallons a day) as described in Most of us have somewhat dehydrated tissues in our body. Excellent hydration will, in time, help all tissues and all flows in the body.

    * Using these suggestions and methods of pain relief

    * Eating green apples every day for a month to soften the gallstones, and following the extremely healthy diet in this link for a month, before trying the cleanse (which takes about a week – the cleanse would be week 5 in such a plan).

    Some people, when they do the cleanse, experience more pain, and they need to drink tons of water to flush out everything during the cleanse. This is a good idea anyhow.
    It may help to get special body work called Visceral Manipulation:

    HOWEVER if your pain is already extreme and none of the above ideas are helping, and if you don’t feel that you have a month to try all this, then by all means please return to your doctor.

    Again you need to tune into your own guidance on this. Pray on it. Listen to your body. You will have to decide what is best for you.
    It may help if you talked over your situation with a good friend, to get some perspective on it.
    We don’t want you to have a horrible outcome. Please do what is best for you.
    Understand that on the internet people are simply sharing ideas. Not every idea is good for every person.

    To Your Good Health –


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    I am 56 female and I woke up with that pain lower right side and into eat evening called my husband to take me to e.r. fortunately he looked up my pain and luckily found your site. I was in my bedroom in agony he made me lie down while I was second guessing him, he began massaging my other side which I said ow, it hurt but immediately felt relief. He explained your page of info and we followed it. Your my angel.
    Thank you so much. You are a God send. God bless you.


    • Dear Joann, I am so delighted to hear that you guys found this and got relief! Thank you so much for your comments. Now it will be a good idea to follow the food recommendations there, and in a few weeks think about doing a flush, to avoid problems in the future. I’m so happy for you 🙂


  6. Carmela Adams says:

    Hello! I’m so happy I found your website! I’m looking forward to trying your suggestions. What causes pain in the location opposite to gallbladder that you can massage for relief?

    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello, Carmela – glad to meet you.
      The medical community calls it “referred pain” when we have pain at a place other than the problem site.
      For instance, we may have arm pain, but the problem may be in the neck. (Another example – chest pain with the heart can show up as neck pain, arm pain, etc.) That’s kind of a non-specific answer from conventional medicine.

      However – in Traditional Chinese Medicine, both of those spots under the ribs (in my drawing) are part of the Gall Bladder Meridian, which runs down the body on both sides. (GB24 is the name of the spot.) So it makes sense that massaging the left-side spot would help the gall bladder, even though it is located opposite to the gall bladder.
      (As you may imagine, it’s not a good idea to directly massage a sore inflamed gall bladder.)

      In practice, it does help relieve the pain.
      In the future we may know more about the science behind it.

      Please keep me posted on your progress.
      Wishing you excellent health –


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