Blow Away the Veil to the Next World and Cheer Up

A couple decades ago shortly after my mother died, her sister said she talked with her all the time. Mom was helping her organize things at work.
“Hmm, weird,” I thought back then.
But now that I’ve talked with Mom for a number of years, it feels natural.

Our first contact was facilitated by a medium. (I won’t debate channeling here. Many of us have experienced trustworthy mediums and channelers.)
I smiled when the medium spoke with Mom’s usual tone, rhythm, and phraseology. She sounded exactly like herself.

In closing Mom said, “My dear, I love you, and I wish we could have a heart-to-heart talk. We have unfinished business.”
“Okay, what if I write you a letter?”
“Have you got a post office that delivers this far?
“Well -.”
“I’m kidding – yes, please write to me.”
“How about you look over my shoulder when I’m writing it?”

I chose a quiet day for this attempt.
Many spiritual sources gave the advice to speak out loud to the departed.
(According to sages, saints, and scientists, all worlds are composed of vibration, so to me it makes sense that the voice vibration would carry.)

There I sat, ready to give it a whirl, to type a letter to Mom on my computer and narrate it aloud as it unfolded. With the door shut. Locked. I spoke aloud her full name to invite her in.

“Dear Mom,” I began, voicing and writing some gratitude to her. Good memories.
But soon we got to the various underlying disappointments and frustrations. Tears streamed down my face as I spoke and wrote straight from my heart, barring nothing.

In my head I heard her replies, so I typed and spoke them aloud, too. I might have been making them up. I didn’t know, and it didn’t matter. I was getting a lot off my chest.

It felt like a real interchange.
Part of me wished she was indeed hovering over my shoulder, listening and reading my letter as it unfurled. Part of me said, Diane, it’s your crazy imagination, don’t psych yourself into this, stay logical.
In any case I was enjoying the process.

Eventually our conversation reached a resolution, a new awareness, a plateau.
I gazed at the words on the screen.
Suddenly a warm whoosh of energy washed into me from the empty air on my left side. Totally unexpected.
Her hug spread throughout my body and filled my heart.
“Oh, Mom!”
Such an unusual feeling from an unusual direction.
Not my imagination.  Real and uncanny.
I soaked it up.

Things are not what they seem on this earth.
Our physical body is the tiniest part of us.
There’s a whole lot more to us.
There is no death.

What is your experience of speaking with nonphysical friends and relatives?
Have you tried it?
Use their full name to call them in.
Speak aloud, and your words will be amplified.
You will get some kind of response.

I bring this topic up because

  • About 90% of us crave contact with our departed loved ones.
  • It is easy to communicate (prepare by calming your busy mind into listening mode).
  • Clearing out unspoken words, unfinished business, feels good for both parties.
  • Nearly all of us fear death, but communicating can dissipate that fear.
  • Life becomes deeper and richer when we relax and know that we are eternal beings.
  • Imagine how fun life would be without fear of death. Stress-related disease would vanish.

Let us know, what responses have you received from those beyond the Veil?

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(Diane facilitates meditation groups in Phoenix and  Fountain Hills. She offers health coaching and energy healing sessions to balance and strengthen your aura, chakras, and meridians, all of which improve your wellbeing.)
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7 Responses to Blow Away the Veil to the Next World and Cheer Up

  1. Roberta Trieschmann says:

    Thanks, Diane.

    I have some unresolved issues with Clyde that I would like to release. Have been working on it but want to connect with him so that he could know how I felt at times and I could maybe understand how he felt at times of challenge between us.

    This suggestion below is helpful. I am not one who “connects” with the spirit world generally or even thinks to do so. So…

    Love, Roberta


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  2. Nicole Brown says:

    Loved this Diane. How wonderful she came through to validate your special time together!!!

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    • Thank you dear Niki! Yes, it is wonderful, and it happened way back when I had no prior experience. Somehow I think if a person wants to try this, they will probably succeed, even if they’ve never tried it before 😉


  3. Nicole Brown says:

    Yes I do think so because it really is a gift we all have.

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