Powerful Breath to Give You Delicious Energy

Chaos, constriction, or pain got you down?
Out in the world or inside you?
Try this.
You will bring beautiful energy into yourself.
In India they call it Prana. In Japan, Ki. In China, Chi. In Polynesia, Mana. In Navajo, Nilch’i. This life force energy is known in virtually every culture on earth.

You might think of this energy as light.
New research says photons of light are indeed flowing through the Primo Vascular System, the meridians (acupuncture channels), of our body.

Whether you feel skeptical or not, allow your imagination to take you for a while.
It’s a universal concept that our attention enlarges what it rests upon.
This experience grows stronger as you give your attention to it.

Settle into your seat with your feet on the ground.
Imagine your feet sinking into some lovely rich soil.
Breathe into your belly.
With every breath allow your tensions to melt.
Let go.
Let your body be heavy.
Let the Earth support you.
Let yourself shift into limp relaxation.

Breathe up your spine: energy flows from your tailbone up to the top of your head.
Enjoy a couple of these breaths.

Now breathe down your spine. Every breath brings energy from the top of your head down to your tailbone.

Imagine a tube of vital energy flowing from the top of your head to your tailbone.

Your tube of energy extends miles and miles into the earth.
Can it go all the way to the center of the earth?
Let it lengthen as far as it wants to go. Send gratitude to Earth.

With your next breath, energy rises from your tube deep in the Earth up into you, into your heart.
With great love, Light fills your heart and spreads into every cell of your body.
Breathe fully and deeply from the earth to your heart and then to your whole body.

Now imagine that this same tube of yours runs not only deep into the earth but also high into the sky, into the heavens.
How tall does it go?
Maybe a few feet, maybe up to the clouds, maybe to the stratosphere or Beyond.
It’s up to you, whatever you feel. Imagine it.

With your next breath, energy flows from the top of this tube into your head, into your core, straight to your heart. There it spreads with love into every cell of your body.
Feel, sense, or imagine this. Breathe deeply and easily and deliciously.

Take your time.
Let yourself enjoy this sensation, this imagery of beautiful energy pouring down from above, into your heart, into every part of your body.

For the final step of this practice, with each inhale, energy flows from both the earth and the heavens toward your heart.
Your heart fills with sweet light and lovingly radiates this light into every cell of your body.
This frequency heals everything it touches.
Breathe and feel the flow of energy coming from below and above.
Bask in this energy sensation.
Be like a sponge, soaking up comfort, light, energy.
Take your time to fully enjoy this.
Refresh yourself with serenity.

When you’re sitting in uptight traffic –
you might breathe and open to the healing energy that rides on the breath.

When you’re waiting your turn at the complaint desk, and somebody is raging –
you might move your attention to your own connection to the big Earth, the big Sky, and inhale from both of them.

When a big tragedy unfolds in the news –
you might remind yourself not to react to the fear-mongering.
Fear stops the breath.
Fear depletes your energy.
(Fear does not help unless you’re running from a tiger.)
If you can’t do anything about the situation, send peace.

Bask in peace and let it to spread from you into the world naturally.
Allow healing energies to flood into you.
Light fills you to the brim and overflows naturally to your family, friends, neighbors, town, region, country, continent, hemisphere, planet.
Linger here …

This has been a public service announcement. Please share. 🙂


(Thanks to countless traditions for this teaching. And to Tom Kenyon and the Hathors.)

Inhale the Frequencies You Like – It’s All You  
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Max pixel and wikimedia commons provided the images for this composite – thanks!)
core light for breath max pixel and wikimedia commons


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Diane Stallings RN, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Healing Touch, Enneagram Coach, EFT tapping, Meditation Coach, Nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach www.joystream.net
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