Don’t Panic, Ride the Wave of Mercury Retrograde

Now is a great time to go Within.
If you feel that we are influenced by energies such as the heavenly bodies that pull on the earth, then you might take advantage of this Mercury retrograde season (through mid- August) to relax and go within.

Even if you place no stock in the planets, we do benefit from a time of introspection.
Self reflection.
Observing our inner process.

How is my thinking?
What are my personal patterns?
How do I act – with my people and/or in various settings?
Am I making trouble for myself?
How does all this impact me?

At this time the underlying themes in our life rise to the surface –
the chronic tensions.
This is the time to clear out some of them, make peace, forgive them.
Let yourself shift to a better attitude.
Meridian tapping may be helpful.

During a season like this, some of my old intentions and projects bubble up asking for my attention again.

It’s a good season for

  • cleaning things out
  • getting in touch with old friends and relatives
  • finishing long-term projects
  • possibly finding lost objects
  • journaling whatever is on your mind and heart
  • meditating deeper than ever into delicious contentment
  • shifting yourself into more balance

Astrology, a respected art through the ages, reminds us to bring extra patience during this time because mistakes, misunderstandings, and poor communications tend to occur.
It’s not a good time to make business deals or sign on the dotted  line or launch a half-cooked venture.

It’s a time for patience, a sense of humor, forgiveness for any glitches that pop up.
Take advantage of this ideal time for clarification of your inner world view, your thought patterns, and your greater understanding.

What is your experience with Mercury retrograde?

Enneagram personality patterns

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