Deep Peace Forest Vortex Meditation

Breathe full and deep and easy.
Let yourself settle, with your feet on the floor, seat heavy in your seat.
Allow the Earth herself to support you.
Every breath brings greater ease.
All tensions soften and dissolve.

You find yourself on a narrow country lane bordered by lush vegetation and trees. The trees arch overhead across the road. You feel they are embracing you. You feel held and loved by the Earth. The air smells fresh and beautiful. Birds are singing.
The vegetation thickens as you walk along. More shrubs and vines line the road.

Here on your left is a tiny little path, no wider than your feet, leading into the vines.
You pass through the vines to find a narrow muddy path.
Here a boulder is covered in moss. The trees are not large but they seem to be climbing all over the place with curling roots.
You begin to walk the damp path, noticing wildflowers and fascinating plants sprouting around you. The air is moist and alive with possibilities. You breathe it in deeply and smile.
The path takes you winding around various trees and comes up alongside a mossy low wall of stone. You and the wall continue awhile.
You reach a tangled area where you must climb between branches and over roots.
The path is clear and you can follow it, but not easily. It takes a little effort. Yet you feel intrigued to find out where this goes.
You hear the soft sound of birds chirping up ahead, calling you in.
The way opens up a little more. You breathe easier.

Coming around the bend you walk into a wide open space, a clearing that brings a hush to your heart.
On either side stand two straight rock cliffs covered in vines and moss.
A few ancient trees tower overhead from the center of the forest floor.
The ground is soft with the natural debris of ages – leaves, twigs, acorns.
It’s so quiet.
So quiet.
Shady. Cool on your skin.
The sunlight filters through the treetops.

There is something about this place, you feel.
Gently you stroll closer to one of the tall rock faces. Such a variety of ferns and mosses here, the many many shades of green from light to dark.

This place seems to speak to your heart.
This place is holding you.
You feel so nurtured here.
You breathe it in.
Your old worries and concerns have melted away.

You walk a little further in to see an old campfire circle and a swing made from a branch.
You feel embraced by this place, the way it wraps around and holds you in such peace and contentment.
It conveys a special energy. You can feel it. You wonder if it’s a vortex.

You sit down in the branch swing and begin to glide back and forth. Such fullness in your heart. You feel you are Home with a capital H, in the greater Home, the place where the larger part of you always lives.

You are beloved.
You inhale the deepest peace.
Such a sense of ease. No effort.
You are Loving and Beloved.

This is the larger reality. This is the comfort of Home which awaits us always, available whenever we tune in. This is the ground of our being. This is the true and loving support of this whole earthly experiment.

So soothing, so familiar, so real.
A no-brainer.
In other words, the brain shrinks and the heart fills, expands with awareness.
You feel the truth of what’s really real, despite our human doubts and conflicts.
Within the embrace of this place, it feels easy to bring peace into the world.

Inhale Peace.
It saturates you.

Little by little your swing slows down. You wish you had more time to stay. (If you want to stay longer, do.)

You say thanks and goodbye to the swing.
You walk ever so gently through the clearing, noticing every detail once again. Each tree, every variety of fern.
This large branch on the ground. That boulder.
And here is the trail out.

You turn around once more to behold this place, the natural walls of rock ever standing on either side like guardians for all who enter. The whole verdant place loves each person, each creature no matter how small.

You pause to inhale this sense of deep peace once more.
This sense that underneath the ups and downs of life, nothing is wrong.
Nothing is wrong. You are always cared for. You are never alone. You are beloved.

You murmur, “Thank you. I will remember this … and spread peace.”
Instantly you hear a reply, “Thank YOU.” You catch your breath. You sense that reply in your heart, in your whole being.
Allow yourself to feel the Gratitude conveyed to you.
This Blessing blankets your shoulders.
You step onto the trail.

Keep breathing deeply, easily.
You are returning to the Here and Now.

(An audio of this meditation can be found on Soundcloud.)

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Come meditate with us in Fountain Hills (Tuesdays). Here’s my photo of this vortex.
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