How to Heal Yourself (Free!) by Toning with Your Astounding Voice 

A hundred years ago when I was a young nurse in the hospital, one leathery old man would not stop moaning. “Ohhhhhhh.”
“Do you need some pain medicine?”
“Nooooooooooo.” He wouldn’t look at me.
A fly lit on his ear. It was the only fly I ever saw on our airtight 7th floor.
He kept moaning, his eyes half closed.
“Should we move your leg to a different position?”
Good thing he didn’t have a roommate. I shut the door and brought his pain medicine.
He accepted it, groaning.
“Why do you keep moaning?”
“It helps… Ohhhhhhhh.”

Years later I learned about a self-healing method called Toning.
By gum that man was right. Toning and moaning do help.
All the world is vibration.
Your body may look solid, but all matter is vibrational.
Different densities vibrate at different rates, each with its signature vibration.

Disturbed areas of the body hold not only illness and pain, but suppressed emotions, stress and tension. Static stuck electricity (energy) sits in these troubled areas of the body, and toning breaks it up and dissolves it. (Some say toning even dissipates calcifications in the joints and blockages in the arteries. Imagine that.)
voice vibrations from pixabay

Yes, the vibration of your own voice can release stagnant energies, pain, illness, emotional turmoil, and mental stress. depositphotos_subwoofer-audio-speaker-vibrations.jpg
In the same way that glitter dances on a speaker or a vibrating tool loosens its object, so too the sound waves of your own voice can loosen up and release all manner of troubles.
Don’t knock it till you try it.

Relax, breathe deeply, focus on the problem.
Where do you feel this problem in your body? Tune in. Feel the sensations in that area.
Let these sensations be vocalized.
Allow whatever sound wants to come out of your mouth.
Let the sound flow loud and long with every exhale.

Yes it is like moaning.
It is like chanting but unrefined, without words.
It is Toning.
Use any sounds that arise.
Let your feelings pour out through sound.

Your voice is loosening and releasing the problem.
Keep going, take your time, until you naturally peter out, until your feelings are finished, and the urge to tone (or moan) dissolves.

See what happens. You may be surprised at the good effects.
(I feel a whole lot better after toning awhile. I’ve used it for pain, colds, flu, fatigue, stress, and all sorts of negative emotions.)

Imagine if you had a stressful day at work, you could release all that stress on your drive home by toning it out of you. Let your voice handle it. Express the way you really feel.
Give voice to stagnation, frustration, conflict, resistance. Let it dissipate.

When we suppress a stressful emotion, as we often do, it gets pushed down into our cellular fields and creates unhealthy tension. Stress hormones compound the problem and deteriorate our health.
(In childhood we cry, yell, scream, and blow off stress. Then we grow up and suppress everything.)

This style of self healing can be done in a purely secular way, treating it as simple vibration and sound waves.

Or you can use toning as a divine healing meditation to open up and commune with Spirit. This is the approach taken by Beverly Scott in her free book and mp3 set called Toning: Channeling the Light Within. Enjoy it!
Much gratitude to Beverly Scott.

Another way to use toning is to reset your vibration anytime you like.
First meditate into a deep sense of peace. Bask in peace.
Then allow yourself to make whatever “peace sound” wants to emerge.
Practice this sound and remember it.
Sometime when you are under stress you can make this sound to bring yourself back to peace.
This works even if you tone softly.

Have you tried toning?
Did it work for you?
How do you like it?

Float to Big Mind, Relax into Spaciousness
If you feel like you can’t release enough, come see me for an energy balancing session in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.See these same links for our weekly meditation classes.
(Check out this Daily Mail UK photo of a few millimeters of paint responding to sound waves from a speaker.)
paint vibrations Daily Mail UK

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