The Curious Energy on Money

Here’s a cool snippet from Lyall Watson’s The Secret Life Of Inanimate Objects.
Would paper money have a “secret life” or hold onto energy?
(We’ve heard that a money exchange is an energy exchange, but we’re talking about a different energy aspect here.)

Watson conducted a few experiments with paper money, exploring the idea that money picks up energy from all the people who handle it.
He asked a group of psychometrists to handle three varieties of sealed envelopes: brand new banknotes, used banknotes, and blank slips of paper. (Psychometrists do readings on objects to gain information about their history, their owner and such.)

The psychometrists easily identified the used notes as money.
However they could feel no difference between the envelopes of brand new bills and the blank slips of paper. The new bills had apparently not picked up any energy.

This energy accumulates on paper money from being handled and circulated among people who value it.

Watson also worked with a couple of Europeans who were blind. Both of them were dismayed to hear that all paper currency in the USA is the same size. How would a blind person deal with that, they wondered.

However Watson asked them to sort out some used US currency.

Just by feeling the bills they were able to easily recognize the $1 bills and the $100 bills. They made no mistakes because the bills carried distinctively different tones.
The $5 and $10 bills felt about the same and wound up in the same pile.
But 20s and 50s felt more valuable, somehow reflecting the esteem placed on them through years of use.
And of course the $100 bills felt particularly valued.
Brand new bills remained confusing, apparently because they had not yet been instilled with people’s energy.

Watson went on to interview several blind people in the USA to find out how they deal with currency that’s all one size. They said they tend to rely on fairness in their transactions with others. But at the same time most of them said they have a good feel for the value of the paper money they handle.

Certainly we do handle a $100 bill in a more respectful way than a $1 bill. We might feel free to crumple up lesser bills. When given a $100 bill we feel more impressed. (I do, anyhow.)
Apparently our attitude clings to this paper money.

This shines a new angle on the idea that money is energy.
Psychometry also gains some validity, and it appears we all may be more psychic than we realize.

It might be fun to do your own experiment with different denominations of well circulated paper money.
Close your eyes, mix them up, and sort them out according to how much value you feel in them.
See what you come up with.
And tell us how you fared!

Just a little summer fun from Joystream.
(Yikes, I managed only about 50% accuracy in my small, medium, large denomination piles. You can do better!)

(Thanks to pxhere for this photo, to which I applied a little garnish.)
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