Inhale the Frequencies You Like – It’s All You  

What does it mean that this is a holographic world, and you are holographic too?
It means every part of the universe contains all the parts.
You contain everything in the universe.
Mind-boggling, yes?
Just go with it for a moment.
You have access to everything.
You are in touch with everything.
You can bring anything “in” because it is already in.
You’re just bringing it to the surface of your awareness.

You can shift and bring in a beneficial emotion like hope, gratitude and love (see HeartMath).
You can also bring in materials. Because materials are actually made of vibrations. Each thing has a particular frequency unique to it.
Saints and sages have focused on the frequency of the object and manifested it out of thin air.

Most of us aren’t there yet, but we can bring in frequencies and more.
Let’s start with something easy. An orange. You know oranges.

Take a moment now to breathe deeply into your spine all the way down.
Let your belly and relax and expand with every inhale.
Every breath melts away areas of tension.
Allow your body to melt.

Feel, sense, or imagine that you’re holding a ripe orange in your hand. Feel the plump weight of it. Feel the texture of it, that smooth and rippled skin. It’s a beautiful color. Check it out.
What does your orange look like?
Can you smell it?

Get ready to peel it. This one is easy to peel. Dig your thumb into the top and peel it open.
The natural oils flow as the peel bends. The wondrous aroma fills the room.
Feel the softness of the inner side of the peel. It comes away easily.
Now open this orange into sections.
One section breaks and reveals the orange corpuscles inside. It smells lovely.

Place a section of orange into your mouth. Savor its texture.
What is it like to bite into it?
Feel and taste the juiciness bursting in your mouth.
Take your time.
Have another section.

Chew slowly with great appreciation for every nuance of taste, smell, and touch.

Enjoy every bite of this lovely orange, fully engaging your senses.

Enjoy the moment . . .

You have just eaten a vibrational orange.
How do you feel? Satisfied? 

If you have iron-poor tired blood, you could focus on the strength and stamina of iron.
Bring it to the surface of your awareness and let iron soak into you.
Bring it into your cells.

Let yourself relax into the notion that you do have every vibration and frequency of within you.
Every substance, every fruit, every leaf.
Every kind of nutrient, vitamin, mineral or remedy beneficial to your body is within you.
You can call any of these to the surface anytime you like.

Breathe deeply and try this:
“I now bring in all frequencies my body needs, in perfect proportions for me. All nutrients, vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes, all in healthy balance, in every cell of my body. Thank you.”

Tune in. Feel everything balancing inside.
Bask in this interchange.
Everything you were ever seeking is actually within you.
Tell us, what does it feel like to you?

This is an effective self healing method – of the future, if you can’t quite believe it yet.
Keep it in your back pocket for now.
Someday if you miss breakfast, call up an orange.
Thanks to Dr. James Martin Peebles for teaching me this method of bringing in all frequencies.

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Credit for this orange pic goes to Jangra Works on Flickr – Many Thanks.)
human orange peel by Jangra Works on Flickr





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