Cut Loose, Cocoon with Mother Earth

There you were, a small child watching that honey bee disappear deep into the throat of a flower. It was the first time you had ever seen such a thing.
You took in the bright rich color of that flower, the whole shape of it, every fold in the petals, the powdery stamens, the way the stem held and supported the flower. You were so young you wanted to know everything about this.
The bee was still deep inside. How much space was down there anyhow?
You wanted to follow the bee to the honey.
You were attuned to Mother Earth.

Fast forward a few decades. Life is busy. You have a constant list of obligations. Every time you finish a task, another crops up. You’re clearing out the duties. But they multiply rapidly. Your mind keeps picking up new ones.  You say, if I can just get these two extra things done today, I won’t have to do them tomorrow.
Actually it makes no difference. New obligations will pop up tomorrow.

Go, go, go.
When you go real hard and fast, pushing yourself (stress hormones rising, cortisol aging every cell, immune system failing), you know what happens?

You get sick. Sick enough that you must lie down and rest. Could this be your body and soul complaining about not having time to enjoy the beauty right here in front of you?
Funny how those duties and obligations seem to get along fine without you for a few days. You’re too sick to lift your head off the pillow. Was it worth pushing yourself?
I’ve been there. Many times.

This week in our meditation group we settled into the earth with deep breaths.
We went to a place in nature. A place we loved, a place we had visited, or even our own backyard.
We went into the role of a little child. We looked carefully at things as if this were the first time and the last time we could see them. A particular tree, the leaves on a bush, a line of ants, a lizard, a hummingbird.
We placed a golden thread between our heart and theirs so we could feel and sense their being in a deeper way.

It felt so good to slow down and feel our way into these natural beauties. To treasure them.
To become like a little child to enter the kingdom that’s here always.
To drop our busy blinders and love Mother Earth.

Remember when you felt that your backyard tree was a person? I remember this. I remember when  frogs could talk (by telepathy).  I communicated with grasshoppers and butterflies and flowers.
Didn’t you, too?
Young children are onto something.
Esoteric teachings tell us everything has consciousness. Even rocks have a kind of consciousness.
Mother Earth herself has consciousness.
When was the last time you shared a real moment with our Mother Earth?
She needs our love now more than ever.

This month I want to carve out a few minutes every day to slow down and take in the natural world.
I want to talk to the leaves, crickets, blades of grass. I want to listen to the bird song.
I want to take the time for Mother Earth.

Come join us for meditation class on Tuesdays (Phoenix) or Thursdays (Fountain Hillsboy-faces-butterfly-725x544(Thanks to Pixio for this pic.)











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