Float to Big Mind, Relax into Spaciousness

Breathe deeply. Let your belly expand with each inhale.
Allow yourself to sink into your seat and rest heavy in the earth.
Let the earth support you as she does.
Imagine your feet are ankle-deep in rich dark soil. You might imagine roots growing from your feet into the earth.
Now we are well-grounded to the earth and to this present moment.

If you like, you can open the top of your head and allow Light to flow into your brain, your sinuses, your whole spine, all your organs and every cell of your body, all the way down into your feet.

We’re breathing into the belly, stretching the belly, allowing tension to melt.
Inhale light.
Exhale darkness, worries and toxins.

Let yourself melt with every breath, further into relaxation.
You might imagine yourself outdoors in a calm comfortable setting.

We often carry some stress, pressure or anxiety.
Choose one troublesome issue.
Mentally place it on the ground in front of you. Don’t get too close to it.

We are breathing deeply and relaxing.
Imagine yourself expanding slightly, becoming more airy.
Breathe. You have become a bit larger and you can float.

Your issue, your stress, is resting on the ground in front of you. Don’t touch it or pick it up. Just notice it. You know all those details about it.

But right now you’re floating. There’s nothing you need to do and no where you need to go this moment.
Allow yourself to float.

It’s a beautiful day, perfect conditions. The sun is shining (or not, as you prefer).
You see trees around you. A few birds are singing. The sky is blue with an interesting cloud or two. Maybe you’re at the edge of a neighborhood or town.

You find yourself floating a little higher.
Now you are at the level of the rooftops.

You see your bit of stress down on the ground. It looks a little smaller from where you are now.
You notice the patterns of the rooftops, yes. They’re interesting.
Take a deep breath of that fresh air, the lovely soft breeze, the perfect weather.

You rise a little higher. You’re floating higher now, just above the tree-tops. They look lovely. You never get to see them from this angle. Domes of leaves, so many of them.  A bird soars past you.
You see a wispy cloud, and you feel a bit wispy yourself.

Now that you are so high up, the object of your anxiety down there on the ground looks even smaller.
You have moved into big mind, broad perspective, where you can see and feel the sky. Allow yourself to expand into it.

Let yourself drift a little in the breeze. A little higher.
You find you can move easily in any direction you like.
The sky is so blue.
You see more of the landscape. It’s beautiful.

Again you look down at that bit of anxiety on the ground.
It has become even smaller. It’s only about 1% of your reality now.
There’s so much to appreciate in your life – 99% of your life is wonderful.
Look at the beauty around you, the spaciousness.
You are rising naturally.
Breathing deeply, easily.

Way down on the ground, your bit of stress gets so small you can barely see it anymore. Tiny speck.

In our ordinary hours, we tend to zoom in on the stress of the moment. We allow our attention to focus on our problem. That’s how the mind works. The Mind wants a problem to work on. Even though 99% of your life is beautiful, your attention will go to that 1%. You allow it to trouble you, allow it to fill up your whole view, until you forget about the 99% beauty around you.
Let go and breathe.

This is an example of the ever-fresh meditation we like to present on Tuesdays (Phoenix) and Thursdays (Fountain Hills). Come on over sometime.
(Thanks to the universal community for this public domain pic.)

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