Souls in Transformation by Rosie Carey

Here’s a lovely article from my friend Rosie Carey – holistic therapist and owner of LifeLight Center. (This piece was recently published in the Sentinel News, Keene NH. Shared here with permission.)

Souls in Transformation

We are works of art in progress, each of us beautiful, distinct and intricate. We are each of us emerging in awareness of self and reality on a journey toward divine consciousness. We are evolving.

It is true; we are not the beings we once were, not our bodies or our consciousness. So much has affected us and so much we have learned that we are changed because of it all. And that is the point! The eternal parts of ourselves, our souls, are evolving as we grow in consciousness.

Native peoples regard the soul as having four parts; emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual. They believe that time spent developing all four parts equally moves you toward center, which is “you the self.” This is a useful way to conceptualize something as ambiguous as your soul, because it gives you tangible touchstones. And I believe it is a true path to know your whole being. This belief is part of the “Sacred Medicine Wheel”, native peoples’ representation of our journey through life.

The four parts of our being are both physical matter and energy, each one affecting the other as they are intricately woven together. Even though we are surrounded by the reality of matter; the vibratory nature of emotion, mind and spirit act to balance the density of matter, should we need to be reminded of our essence. The play of emotion, mind, body, and spirit in all of its permutations, creates the workshop for the evolution of our soul.

This workshop is also the basis for the development of our personalities, as we become individually aware of our nature, our actions, and our strengths. You can develop and refine your personality to become a more balanced and whole person, pulling in more of your whole essence. This is the work of a lifetime. If you want to work on the evolution of your soul, work on refining your personality.

Accountability for self; it comes with our choice to be an individual and our gift of free will. When you work with being accountable for your actions, thoughts, and emotions, you embrace your essence. You can do this as a practice or meditation at the end of each day. Review your activity of the day and evaluate your behavior, strengths and weaknesses. Where you know you can be more truthful to your essence, allow those behaviors to correct. In this way you can acknowledge inconsistencies in your personality and shift them to reflect the truth of who you are. Accountability is an amazing tool for growth as it works with all four aspects; emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual.

An aware consciousness allows for the potential of the soul to flourish in each life. Connect with your soul. It instructs your passion and desire and informs your personality. You can follow the path of your life by walking it day by day, or you can go hand in hand with divine presence. Recognize that you are much more than the physical and begin to realize the potential of your soul.

We are separated from our soul by our ego, our emotions and the physical body. Each of these relies on illusion to create its own reality of what is important in life. These distractions can get out of control and become your sole focus. Determine what is important over the course of your lifetime, what is your passion, and you will regain your balance and reconnect to your soul.

Last, but not least, relationships are significant to your evolution in personal growth and consciousness. They are some of the most difficult work you will ever do as they challenge your beliefs and trigger emotions and desires. Relationships bring connection to others in a way that reminds us of our connection to the oneness, the divine. Through these connections we are forced to reconcile our own imperfections and frailties. We struggle with an innate knowledge or memory of something far more perfect than this human form allows us to be. And through relationship we are also returned to the evolution of our souls.

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Rose Carey is the founder of LifeLight Center at 206 Washington Street in Keene. She has nearly 30 years of private practice in energy medicine and holistic body therapies. She is sensitive to and repairs the energy pathways of your body and aligns your energy, nervous and muscular/skeletal systems. Call for info and appointments at 603-852-8300.
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