Quiz: How to Stop Toxins, Drop Weight, Feel Good

Who knew? This National Nutrition Month of March coincides with the weeks of Lent, when some people give up the food they crave. (And that’s good for the body.) We’ll talk about cravings – what they do to us, what they mean – two weeks from now.

Winding up Neat-o Nutrition month, we have a Quirky Quiz today! Enjoy!
The ubiquitous hard-to-avoid pesticide poison in non-organic food is called:
A. Dizzy-fish
B. Whirligig
C. Roundup by Monsanto

There you are at a neighborhood brunch, and the fruit looks delicious, but you don’t want to offend the hostess by asking if it’s organic. The safest fruit to put in your mouth is:
A. Grapes
B. Strawberries
C. Pineapple

Exercise is good for a thousand reasons, plus it’s the main way to clear out the:
A. Sleepies from your eyes
B. Fuzzy lumps from your socks
C. Lymph system – tons of cellular waste products

Back to the brunch. This week you’ve done Food Combining, lost two pounds, and you like the fact that you’re no longer sleepy after lunch. To continue your good combinations, at the brunch you decide to eat:
A. everything right now, the whole smorgasboard, what a party! And cheesecake, cheesecake!
B. just waffles and ham, with only a teaspoon of syrup.
C. either salad with ham OR salad, hummus and waffles, because you don’t want to eat animal proteins with carbs. (Right?) But you can go back for seconds.

OMG that brunch went on all day. Of course you drank several  mimosas and ate everything, plus three flavors of gourmet cheesecake – you just don’t get that every day!
Now that you’re home you’re feeling a bit toxic with all the carbs, sugar, and champagne on board. You decide to:
A. Lie down, watch the room spin, and listen to your Shpongle album.
B. Call your neighbor and demand pure organic food and higher quality champagne next time she hosts a gathering.
C. Drink lots of water along with a large cup of liquid Bentonite clay.

Uh-oh, not pooping every day. Let’s start each morning with a generous dose of:
A. Mountain Dew
B. The finest Jameson whiskey
C. Hot water with lemon

To heal my intestinal membranes, besides avoiding aspirin, NSAIDs, ibuprofen, stress, pesticides, and a high carb-sugar diet, I need to restore my gut flora with probiotics, fermented foods and fiber.
Plus I need to stop eating my food allergens and:

A. Eat plenty of soothing cheese and sour cream.
B. Enjoy bread pudding 3 times a day, chew well.
C. Drink Yucca extract diluted in water, twice a day. (Also consider bone broth and L-glutamine.)

Congratulations, you won the Bragg’s sweepstakes and you get a lifetime supply of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. You decide to
A. Drink it every day for the rest of my life – good stuff!
B. Give it to the dog.
C. Drink it every day for a while to decrease inflammation and acidity as needed, in seasons, not indefinitely because it could mess up my mineral balance.

On the other hand I can drink celtic salt water till the cows come home, because it hydrates and plumps up every cell in my body, lubricates all processes, and
A. diminishes wrinkles
B. stops headaches
C. relieves body pain
D. improves blood sugar and type 2 diabetes
E. resolves asthma
F. reduces arthritis and joint pains
G. lifts depression
H. normalizes cholesterol
I. releases insomnia
J. all of the above and more.

We have no answer key. But tell us how you did 😉

BONUS – I added this late to the post on acid-reducers and bentonite (toxic hangovers), so in case you missed it:
Natural hydrochloric acid (HCL) in the stomach is vital to digestion. HCL production slows down as we age (also if we don’t eat much meat), . Taking an HCL supplement helps us digest our nutrients better and even lose weight.

Try Betaine HCL 500mg – take it 20 min before the meal and it will boost your own HCL to function better again.
Or if you’re not keen on supplements, eat tomato products or vinegar with your meat for better digestion.

Thanks to pixabay for the Quiz pic:
quiz from pixabay

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