Your Big Breakthrough to Weight Loss and Feeling Good

The vital key is to heal the gut!
(It’s not just about counting calories, carbs, and fats – forget counting.)
As many as 80% of us have “leaky gut” which causes subtle food allergies, which cause weight gain, inflammation, joint pain, and a host of autoimmune diseases.

If you heal your gut you will lose weight, calm the inflammation, and say goodbye to autoimmune disease (Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Psoriasis, Chronic Fatigue, Immunodeficiency, Type 1 Diabetes and more).

If your body got a little fat but didn’t get sick yet, congratulations! I call that guardian fat, because it took on the toxins for you. (And the toxins have to leave before the fat can leave.)
Then again – a firm protruding belly is a sign of intestinal inflammation and swelling.

What is leaky gut?
Our remarkable intestinal membranes absorb food molecules into the bloodstream.
But those membranes can get inflamed and break down (for a variety of reasons including pharmaceuticals, carb-sugar diet, yeast, pesticides, stress).
The membranes start to leak, allowing larger particles of food into the blood.

Then the immune system panics, sees this large particle as an intruder, forms antibodies against it, and attacks it. Now you have a tiny battle floating through the blood, a blob of inflammation that may lodge somewhere.

You also have a new “allergy” against that food, because your immune system is ready to attack it every time you eat it. (You may or may not feel strong symptoms from this subtle allergy, but it will take a toll on you in the long run. Gluten is a common allergy here.)
Naturally this scenario leads to more toxins and inflammation.

Vital steps you need to take:

  1. Super-hydration: drink water with celtic sea salt (1 teaspoon per gallon), half your body weight in ounces each day. (Yes, you might need to drink more than a gallon a day.) This will lubricate everything in your body, plump up your dehydrated cells, flush out toxins, and make all the next steps easier.
  2. Boost your Flora with probiotics and fiber. Since the advent of antibiotics, aspirin, ibuprofen, pesticides, and high stress, our good-gut flora have declined with every generation. This flora (microbiota) is the helpful bacteria in our gut. Care for your microbiota and they will restore your intestinal membranes and improve your immune system. Take some good quality probiotics (lactobacillus and others), eat fermented veggies like sauerkraut or kimchi, and get 40 Gm of fiber each day to feed your flora.
  3. Find your food allergies and stop eating those foods. For maybe a year, okay? (Some practitioners say forever, but I’m not saying that, because we have a Major Solution in step 5.) How to find your food allergies? Read Get a Clue. (Pricey lab tests, or you can restrict your food types and then re-introduce foods, watching your body’s response. For a big reboot, you can do a green juice fast. Read Get a Clue.)
  4. Amplify your Veggies to clear out toxins. Go alkaline. Use Food Combining. (See Part 2 of this series.)
  5. Yucca Juice Extract is a Major Solution for leaky gut, but few people know about it yet. Yucca extract directly heals the membranes of the intestines, like putting aloe on a burn. Quite bitter, brown, and thick as molasses, yucca extract must be diluted, a quarter teaspoon in a liter of water or juice. It tastes bad, but drink it down and it will heal the inner lumen of your entire digestive tract.
    You’ll need to drink it twice a day for two months to repair your intestines. (Some people continue longer.)
    Buy yourself at least a quart of it. Ten years ago there was only one place selling it, and I think they’re still the best source:
    (Don’t worry that this is a gardening company, okay?) They include instructions on how to take it, how to increase the dose to toleration. They mention it has been used to improve joint health, relieve inflammation, relieve arthritis and IBS (- hello – all these are symptoms related to leaky gut).
    You may find other good suppliers, too, but do give this a try. It really works.
    (Bone Broth, L-Glutamine and Quercetin supplements also help heal the intestines, but not as well as yucca extract, in my experience.)

Okay. Those are the vital steps.
Big project, huh?
It will be worth it! Your body will change! Toxins clear out, inflammation cools, and then you will feel better than you ever thought possible.

You don’t need to do this all at once.
Maybe start with step 1 this month. (Check out all the benefits of celtic salt water – headaches will disappear. …Another hint for the upcoming Quiz 😉

How does all this grab you? Comment below and let me know 😉

This has been Part 4 of “How to Stop Toxins, Drop Weight, Feel Good.” See part 1 or 2 or 3
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