How to Avert a Toxic Hangover, Detox Safely – Bentonite and More

Let’s say you’re rocking it with good food choices, more vegetables, but suddenly one fabulous night you scarf up three slices of pie and too much wine. You know a hangover is coming, even if it’s a sugar hangover. (Do you get those? I do! After big sugar I feel foggy and sluggish the next morning.) 
These suggestions also help avert alcohol hangovers if you use them ASAP before falling asleep.

What to do?
Don’t fret. You’ve got toxic acidity, but we have remedies to mop up toxins and rebalance your body toward alkalinity.
First you’ll drink plenty of water to flush out your system. Water buffers everything beautifully. We retain water to balance out the acid.
And you heard about my favorite kind of water.
(BTW this is Part 3 of “How to Stop Toxins, Drop Weight, Feel Good.” Check out Part 1 and Part 2.)

Let’s talk about the remedies:

  • Bentonite clay
  • Lemon juice
  • Apple cider vinegar

Bentonite Clay is my first choice to avoid a possible hangover.
Bentonite Clay functions in two ways: molecular adsorption (adhesion) and physical absorption.
Bentonite has negatively charged particles. Toxins and harmful bacteria are positively charged. So Bentonite binds to the toxins and carries them out of the digestive tract.
This clay also physically absorbs acidity, drawing toxins into itself like a sponge, removing them.

A typical Bentonite dose is 2 to 6 Tablespoons clay powder in 1- 4 cups water.
(I put mine in a jar, and I’d drink as much as 2 cups after that fabulous pie/wine.)
Yes it does taste earthy, like clay, but not unpleasant.
Adjust your dose so your stools are firm but not hard.
(Remember to get your fiber and feed your wondrous microbiota to stay regular!)

Sometimes a body is chronically acidic from poor diet, resulting in chronic loose stools. Clay can help with this!
However – the very aged, fragile, or extremely constipated should not take clay (or should take diluted small doses).

Take clay 1 to 2 hrs before or after medications or supplements.
You don’t have to wait any time with foods – in fact if your stomach is upset after eating, a dose of clay will relieve it!

Benefits of Bentonite clay include:
– Relief of bloating, acid reflux, gas, constipation, IBS, diarrhea
– Detoxification of the liver
– Cleansing toxins from the digestive tract and removing bacteria
– Promoting a healthy balance of intestinal flora
– Removal of heavy metals and chemicals (especially after radiation therapy)
– Boosting the immune system
– Supporting efficient cellular respiration (releasing wastes)
– Improving absorption and assimilation of nutrients
(A paste of Bentonite clay heals skin irritations/bites/burns and is a good facial mask.)

Lemon juice also helps us be more alkaline. Lemon removes impurities, reduces harmful bacteria in the bowel, relieves heartburn, excess gas and bloating. Helps eliminate toxins. Stimulates the liver and gallbladder for better enzyme production. Some sources say lemon water reduces fat and cellulite.

Drink lemon juice 1 to 2 Tablespoons in a glass of water.
Lemon water first thing in the morning will energize you, improve digestion and stimulate elimination.

Likewise – unsweetened bitter cranberry juice can also help alkalinize your body.  No particular dose, but 4 oz tastes like plenty (oy!)

Apple cider vinegar (organic raw unfiltered is best; always dilute with water) – relieves ailments throughout the digestive system, skin issues, joint pains, and restores more alkalinity.
You may like 1 to 2 teaspoons in a cup of warm water with 1 teaspoon honey.

Some Naturopaths recommend 2 to 3 tablespoons raw organic apple cider vinegar per gallon of water, and drink it as you wish, to help cleanse the body.
(BUT take care not to drink vinegar indefinitely, because it can throw off your mineral balance.)  (! This will be on the Quiz!)

NOTE:  Lemon, cranberry, and vinegar are acidic in the mouth but turn alkaline in the body.  BECAUSE of the acid effect in the mouth, it is best to wait 15 min before brushing teeth. (… and this may or may not be on the Quiz …)

Important: Natural hydrochloric acid (HCL) in the stomach is vital to digestion. HCL production slows down as we age (also if we don’t eat much meat), . Taking an HCL supplement helps us digest our nutrients better and even lose weight.
Try Betaine HCL 500mg – take it 20 min before the meal and it will boost your own HCL to function better again.
Or if you’re not keen on supplements, eat tomato products or vinegar with your meat for better digestion.

What are your favorite ways to avoid hangovers of sugar, alcohol, or otherwise?

Here’s a pic of my jar of Bentonite clay liquid 😉 Send in your pic 😉

bentonite clay liq

Update in May 2020 – I can’t get my hands on my old favorite Bentonite Clay powder! The one I tried was too sandy and not absorbing.
However, I found a new favorite, creamy and absorbing toxins well – and here it is, in the photo below.
(Note: I am NOT in sales, no kick-backs. I simply prefer this brand.)
Bentonite May 2020

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