3 Tips to Drop Pounds the Easy Way and Feel Great

Yes, these are things you can do! From our last post: toxins cause us to hold onto weight. We mentioned clearing toxins by going organic, maintaining daily elimination, flushing the body with water (super cool Celtic salt water), and boosting ourselves with the healing properties of plants (alkaline food).

Most of us have grown too acidic from a lifetime abundance of carbs, sugars, proteins, caffeine and/or alcohol. Even stress makes our body acidic. Sheesh, we do have our portion of stress. (Shrink stress with meditation.)

An acidic body may be low in energy, feel cold, overweight, lose enthusiasm, feel depressed or nervous, have headaches, sore gums or lips, sensitive teeth, acid stomach, splitting fingernails, leg cramps and more. (These symptoms may have other causes as well.)

Imagine yourself choosing more alkaline foods which are (of course) mostly plants. Fill half your plate with veggies. Instead of drinking cokes or sweet drinks, maybe you’d like to try water with lemon sweetened with a little Stevia.

Toxins also build up in our body from poorly digested food. If you tend to burp, feel bloated, have gas, these are signs you are not digesting well. Different foods require different natural enzymes and different processing in the belly.
When we throw in all kinds of foods at once, it’s not a pretty sight for our overwhelmed belly. Undigested food adds to the toxic load.

Read about food combining, or simply:
— Eat fruit by itself, at least 30 min apart from any other kind of food.
— Eat meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy with vegetables only, (no carbs, bread, pasta, rice, beans etc).
— Eat carbs, grains, beans with vegetables only (a vegetarian meal).

Notice, animal proteins are never eaten with carbs. ***The Key to Remember 😉 (This will be on the Quiz . . .)
BUT you still get to eat all your favorite foods! Just watch the timing, the combinations.
(And you may find you’re not sleepy after lunch!)
Try this for a few days and you will likely feel better, even drop a pound, because you have made life easier on your belly. You have reduced undigested-food toxins and the water weight that comes with them. (Water buffers the acidity.)

Undigested food toxins also lurk in the tract when we scarf up food without chewing it much.
What if we could take our time,
truly enjoy each bite on its own, chew and taste every hidden flavor,
chew until it becomes like soup in the mouth, fully liquefied
and processed by our saliva’s wonderful enzymes, who will be so happy to finally, at last, do their job?

Two things will happen someday when we chew like it matters.
— We will finally absorb nutrients better, feel less hunger and craving,
— and we will feel full on a smaller quantity of food!
See how important this would be for weight loss?

Sure, we love our food, we gobble it up, I do that too.
But if you want to try just one thing this week, at supper time for instance: chew until it is soup in your mouth. How does your body respond?
(Spoiler – get full on a smaller amount 😉

3 Tips to Lose Toxins Lose Weight:

  1. Shift to more alkaline foods, plants – Veggies are your friends!
  2. Diminish toxins by Combining Foods at each meal.
  3. Avoid toxins by fully Chewing.
    (Bonus: de-stress with 3 min of relaxing meditation each day.)
    (Note: uncomfortable digestion may have many causes, such as a lack of natural stomach acid or enzymes, overgrowth of yeast in the gut, weak microbiota (flora) and more. If your digestion is a big issue, you may want to see a naturopathic doctor to help get rid of yeast, parasites and such.)

Have you ever tried food combining?
Have you tried chewing 32 times? (Heck, I know Grandma ragged on that, but -?)
Let’s chat!

This has been Part 2 of “How to Stop Toxins, Drop Weight, Feel Good.”

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.
Here’s the Veggie Woman, thanks to Pixabay – cool necklace, huh?

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