Feel Better Now – 5 Simple Steps to Drop Toxins and Weight 

Did you know toxins make us accumulate pounds and retain water?
Did you know virtually all regular foods contain “Roundup” herbicides from the powerful Monsanto company?
Did you know “Roundup” gives us more food allergies, chronic diseases, and makes us fatter? (See Dr. Mercola’s article.)

We really DO need ORGANIC foods for good health and less weight!
Here’s a basic pesticide chart of non-organic produce (from Center for Science in the Public Interest).

Dirty Dozen – 70% to 90% pesticides Fairly Clean – 30% to 10% pesticides
bell peppers
imported grapes
frozen sweet peas
frozen sweet corn

Toxins accumulate not only from pesticides, but from overdoing carbs, sugars, and such. Check your weight the morning after a hi-carb, hi-alcohol, hi-sugar day. Your body holds onto water weight to buffer and process extra acidity and toxins.

Toxins also build up from natural cellular waste that is not eliminated well.
So? You gotta poop well. Clear out your colon every day. If you have great microbiota, you might clear out after every meal. Imagine that.
(For better elimination try abundant hydration, probiotics, more fiber, and magnesium. Or hot lemon water first thing in the morning.)

Cellular waste may linger in a sedentary body. Our lymph system is trying to move that waste, but it can’t do much unless we move, walk, use our muscles. Exercise clears the lymph.

Good hydration is vital for cellular health. When you are truly hydrated, your urine is extremely pale, not hardly yellow. Then your cells get the water they need. (Headaches will disappear. Many benefits develop.)
My favorite way to hydrate is by adding celtic salt to my water and drinking 70 ounces a day (which is half of my 140 pounds of body weight).

Celtic salt is high in trace minerals. Add 1 teaspoon per gallon of water.
A giant glass of water 20 min before eating diminishes appetite.

We know our body thrives on plant foods, which are alkaline. Yet we tend to scarf up bread, pasta, carbs, meats, sweets – which are acidic in the body.
If you want to reduce toxins and drop pounds, load your plate with a lot more veggies. Choose plants for at least half of each meal.
Your taste buds will begin to love plants!

  1. Eat Organic, non-GMO as much as possible, all food groups.
  2. Clear your colon 1 to 3 times a day – goodbye toxins!
  3. Daily brisk walk or exercise moves the lymph, cleanses the body.
  4. Drink celtic salt water – half your body weight in ounces each day.
  5. Go alkaline with more plants – 50% of your intake.

Whaddaya think? Does any of this look possible for you?
Would you rather try just one thing, like quit eating white foods (refined sugar, rice, bread, pasta)?

I think the reason many people “can’t” lose weight is because the toxins must go first.
That fat is what I call “guardian fat” because it is handling the toxins for you.
If you clear out toxins, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, then the whole body will improve.

What are your favorite ways to drop weight?

This has been Part 1 of “How to Stop Toxins, Drop Weight, Feel Good.”
Our next post will bring more tips.
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