3 Heart-Full Steps to Find More Love

We all want love, but why is it so freaking hard to find? And why is the world so screwy? And why can’t I get the love I want? And why can’t it be perfect?

heart game board pixnioWell now Missy, I say to myself, life ain’t perfect. It’s never going to be, on this plane.
Anyhow, can you love anybody or anything if you don’t love yourself first?

Admit it – when you’re in the ditch, you also happen to be criticizing or pushing yourself. (Yup, that’s me.)
You’re too hard on yourself. You’re not hugging yourself.
Have you noticed, when you feel delighted with yourself, then you’re in love with everybody?
Love is an inside job.

But how can I shift my mood when everything sucks?
Shift your attention.
Find one good thing about your life and praise it, be thankful for it.
Find another good thing. Say thanks to it. Say thanks to the Universe.

Gratitude is the wide and steady highway to happiness.

Our head is a chronic complainer.
Our heart already holds peace, satisfaction, and love.
If we could forget our head and breathe into our heart, “be inside” our heart, even this refreshes us.

After you take the gratitude road and lighten up your heart, try the 3rd step:
Look at yourself and say, “I love you.”
Hug yourself. Yes, really.
In hugging yourself you are not only soothing your body, but also stroking your subtle energy streams and sending a deep message of true love to yourself.
Try it every day.

The world is your mirror. Do you want to stand there in front of it, frowning and complaining? And get that same vibration mirrored back to you? Or would you rather ease your way toward thankfulness, lighten up into love, and receive more of the same?
hearts frame pixabay my bullet pts
You have the power to direct your attention.
This is a big deal. Go for it.

When you increase the love vibration in yourself, it naturally attracts love to you. Help yourself glow with love, and love will find you.
A wonderful new partner will find you, or your current partner will be inspired with more love, because that’s the vibration you are carrying!

Tell us, what is your favorite way to shift? Give us more clues!

(Thanks to pixnio and pixabay for the heart images.)
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