8 Quick Energy Moves for Health and Happiness

Have you heard of Donna Eden, that effervescent master teacher of energy medicine?
She puts your healing in your own hands, and she does a terrific job of it.
Eden’s Daily Energy Routine is 8 quick moves that work with your energy system and meridians to bring balance, vitality, health and happiness.
These moves are:
The Four Thumps, The Crossover Shoulder Pull, The Cross Crawl, The Wayne Cook Posture, The Crown Pull, Connecting Heaven and Earth, The Zip Up, The Hook Up.

This 6-minute routine, done daily (or even twice a day) enhances your health over time and perks you up instantly. “Better than a cup of coffee,” said a friend, and it is. I’ve been using it for a couple years now, and I feel the difference!

This month Donna Eden and friends offer a FREE ongoing video program so you can learn and use this energy routine.

Would you like to join us for the 2018 28-Day Daily Energy Routine (DER) Challenge?

It’s BACK!!! Due to the popularity of last year’s challenge, we’ll be re-running our Daily Energy Routine (DER) Challenge in February. Come join us as we all challenge ourselves to do the Daily Energy Routine every day for the 28 days of February!

This is a FUN and FREE “challenge” for you for one entire month — specifically dedicated to activating, inspiring, and enlivening our community and beyond. 
A video will be released every day at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Facebook, so you can follow a different person leading you through the DER anytime throughout the day!
Click here to follow the DER Challenge on Facebook!

Do not worry if you are not a member of Facebook — you can still join us, and no registration is required!

You can also follow the challenge on YouTube! We’ll post the same video on the DER Challenge playlist every day. 
Click here to go to the 28-Day DER Challenge on YouTube! And, be sure to bookmark this link. 

Visit the EEM Programs page on Facebook for your daily video. You will be doing the Daily Energy Routine along with Donna, David, one of our staff, Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program faculty members (or any combination of these!) as they demonstrate the Daily Energy Routine from wherever they are to wherever you find yourself.

We are excited to introduce you to everyone, including some of our willing family members who were joyfully wrangled in to help us film these! From our hearts, we can ALL AGREE that we share the passion of bringing to you these simple, powerful techniques to help bring YOU health, radiance, vitality, joy, and lasting balance.

This is a FREE program — all you need to do is make this commitment to yourself and join us! Please share this email and links with those you love.

We are ready to help you spread LOVE and JOY across the world!!

If you’d like to brush up on your Daily Routine by watching Donna’s official video, click here.

We find the timing of this “challenge” could not be more impeccable, as we find so many are seeking ways to find balance during these shifting times.

Here’s to raising the vibration of the planet, one person at a time. That person is YOU!

With love and gratitude,
Donna, David, and the Eden Energy Medicine Family

Donna n David




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Diane Stallings RN, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Healing Touch, Enneagram Coach, EFT tapping, Meditation Coach, Nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach www.joystream.net
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