Meditation beside a Brook

Meditation beside a Brook in the Mountains of Montana
by Dave Lankutis

As you sit or stand near the brook, notice the difference in the sounds created by each little waterfall. A waterfall that is a foot or more high, falling into a pool, makes a deeper sound. Water falling gradually over a few rocks makes a lighter sound.

Find a spot away from the louder waterfalls so their sound doesn’t drown out the lighter-sounding waterfalls. Quietly walk around and listen until you find the spot where you can hear the blended sound of as many waterfalls as possible. You will be further from the loud ones, closer to the soft ones.
There may be several such spots. Notice how the blended sound is slightly different in each spot.

Turn your head slowly back and forth. Notice the apparent change in the sound that has nothing to do with the brook itself.
Think about how the brook is part of a continuous stream of water, endless, to the sea.
Think about how the seawater evaporates and returns as rain to recharge the spring that feeds the brook.

Think about the many sounds that are created by the same water. Rocks, banks and water together create the brook and the sounds you are hearing. Think about how the banks change from erosion, especially during spring runoff. The sound changes from year to year as the banks erode and change.
Think about how the sound changes day by day and hour by hour as the water level changes and the banks erode, ever so slightly.

Since the sound you hear now is a result of erosion from months, years and centuries ago, it means that all time is here in the now.

Think about how you could interact with the sound of the brook and change it forever by moving a rock or digging away part of the bank. Those who sit and meditate in this spot in the future will be able to hear a part of you, just as you can now hear the sounds of those who moved rocks and dug banks before you. All of them and part of everyone who was ever there, is in the sound of this brook.

What you cannot hear is significant also. The sound is as it is because of all of the people who have never been to this brook, moving rocks and digging banks. Had they done so, you would hear a different sound. In a sense you can hear what is not them in the brook.
All of time, all who have ever lived are in the sound of that brook.

Thanks to Dave for this wonderful expansive meditation!

creek pixabay(Thanks to pixabay for this pic.)


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Diane Stallings RN, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Healing Touch, Enneagram Coach, EFT tapping, Meditation Coach, Nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach
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