Is my Pain Talking to Me? What’s the Hidden Message?

My body talks to me – does yours?
Pains are metaphors, especially in the world of energy healing.
The body’s messages are unique to every person and every situation, but we can learn to read our own body.
Our body symptoms are messages from our spirit.
The spirit infuses the body and has charge of the body.
It’s only natural that an inner conflict reveals itself through pain or dis-ease.

Your inner self tries to tell you about an emotional issue, but you don’t want to deal with it. You keep yourself too busy to listen. The inner strife doesn’t go away. It pops up in your body to tell you, metaphorically, what’s wrong.
Ignore it, and it gets bigger.

When I worked in the hospital, how many times did I notice that the person who “couldn’t stomach things” was undergoing abdominal surgery, or the person with a “broken heart” literally had a failing heart? Many of us have seen these synchronicities.

At various times in my life,
– I would get literally bent out of shape about bad news on TV, and my spine would warp, causing back pain (which also relates to fear).
– Recurring knee pain told me I was uptight and inflexible toward a person.
– The bunion on my right foot told me I was hesitant to step forth and assert myself.
– Left wrist pain told me I was not willing to receive (a bag of chocolate chips, actually).

In 1988 Louise L. Hay wrote a classic little book, Heal Your Body, which is a list of body ailments and their meanings, their messages, along with a healing affirmation for each one. I won’t say her list is 100% true for everybody, but it’s an interesting place to start getting a clue on your symptom. (Hay suggests the toes are about small details of the future; indigestion relates to anxiety; the knee represents pride and ego.)

Many traditions say the right side of the body is our masculine side, our assertion, our giving, our yang aspect. The left side is our feminine side, our receptivity and receiving, our patience, our yin aspect.
A right/left symptom might relate to any of these characteristics. It may also relate to a particular masculine or feminine person in our life.

In Chinese medicine (and in other ancient cultures),
anger affects the liver;
grief affects the lungs;
worry affects the spleen;
fear affects the kidneys.

We have plenty of hints to help us uncover hidden messages.
The bottom line is, what does your symptom mean to you?
What have your dreams been telling you?
Can you tune in to your spirit? Your core truth about this issue?

With a quiet mind and a habit of self observation, you’re likely to find that your body gives you specific clues to help you understand yourself, your attitudes, your obstacles, and how to deal with them.
An energy healing session can be quite helpful as well, often providing fresh perspectives and pain relief.

What has your spirit/your body been telling you lately?

(For the record, I let myself have those chocolate chips . . .)

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