New Year, New Me! Energy Session Gives You a Boost

What exactly is an energy session, and why would I want one?
Imagine yourself as a living network of energy streams. These streams of subtle light nurture every part of you, every tiny cell.
During anybody’s lifetime, injuries large or small, physical or emotional, may squeeze or block these streams. An energy healer can feel these blockages and clear them, assisting the natural flows to resume, bringing you greater health and happiness.

After an energy session your old chronic pain might be gone. A problem in the belly might go away. Trouble in the heart, lungs, kidneys, any organ might be eased. The recurring stress you felt in dealing with a particular person or situation might be lifted. The subtle grudge you carried against someone in your past might be dissolved. A fog or  confusion may shift into clarity.

You feel such freedom in dropping old burdens, known or unknown.

Throughout our life we pick up many aggravations. We acquire heartaches, headaches, body pains. These may be subtle or obvious. These difficulties do impact our streams of energy, impairing our physical health and our emotional well-being.

When an energy block is repaired it gives you a boost, a fresh start. Every one of my clients finishes the session feeling better than when they walked in.

This is not Psychotherapy, and you do not have to tell the story of your woes nor relive them.
We find a blockage here or there, we fix it.
If you’re sensitive you might feel it open up. If you’re super sensitive you might catch an intuition about what or who inspired that block. Let it go.

For the treatment, we chat briefly, then you lie down fully clothed on a soft table. I use my hands to access and repair the energy of your aurameridians, and chakras. I do hands-on healing and hands above the body. All you do is relax and receive. Later I’ll give you a before-and-after diagram of your energies.

After a session you may feel a lighter heart and more physical energy. In some cases this may last weeks or months. Everyone is unique. Each person responds differently. Occasionally a person may feel a detoxification, resolving within a few days.
Some people enjoy a monthly session, which steadily strengthens their energy body until it maintains radiant equilibrium on its own.

Let’s say we released an energy block belonging to an incident or a person in your past (identified or not). On a deep level, if you are truly ready to let that go, it can be gone forever.
But if some part of you hangs onto self righteousness, personal justice or revenge regarding that pain, it may return later. (In some cases that pain wants to stay until you get its message.)

From the moment of energy repair, you have a chance to maintain your new lightness.
You can keep letting go of things that trouble you.
Meditation practice helps to let go, increase your awareness, and nurture yourself.

Dozens of energy healing methods exist now.
Every human has abundant energy coming from the palms  of their hands. With practice this energy flow increases.
People can learn to do this.
People will learn to do this more and more in the coming decades.
Why would they not?
This Divine Light energy is constantly available. If you could assist yourself or someone else, why not?
(If you’re interested in our next weekly Fountain Hills night-class in basic energy healing for self and others, contact me, Diane.)

The precise benefit of any energy session is not predictable, yet many result in remarkable healing. I am awed and humbled to serve as a natural pipeline for this Universal Energy.

The spirit infuses and animates the body.
These streams of energy are linked to and respond to your spirit.
Your spirit has charge of your body vehicle.
When you raise your vibration, release blockages and return to your innately joyful spirit, then your body, mind and heart naturally come into alignment.

What is your take on any of this?
Have you experienced a boost with energy work?
Have you played with sensing energy in your hands?
Do you see us using more of this in the future?

Next time – Is my Pain Talking to Me? What’s the Hidden Message?

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills
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