Wake Up, Mother Earth Needs Your Love

“What about all these icy freezing places lately, in the face of global warming?” I asked my environmentally aware son.
“It’s exactly as scientists predicted, Mom, don’t you remember this from the Inconvenient Truth movie? Our Eastern Seaboard and Western Europe freezes up. It’s part of the process. Here in Arizona we get hotter and hotter. We are well into the hottest years on record. California is so hot and dry they now have fire season year-round. Drought gets worse all over.”


“The warmer oceans are already causing more hurricanes. With the ice caps melting, low-lying places like Bangladesh are flooding now. Islands will start disappearing underwater.” (He could go on.)

Scientists unanimously agree global warming is here and we must deal with it.
Oil and coal companies sabotage and confuse the issue for their self-interest.
Politicians pretend it isn’t happening.

We can’t pretend anymore.

Happy New Year.
The world truly needs you to play your part.

We cannot go on assuming that we are powerless or that the government is going to take care of us. Politicians may be driven by power or money or a sense of purpose, but they do not have control of us.
A politician is a straw boss, lacking real authority.

External Authority is a lie.

The only real authority of your life is you.
Your heart, your conscience, your truth.

You have something to contribute. Listen and you will know it.
In some way your heart leads you to right action.
A small step or a large step, it doesn’t matter.
We each have the power for change, and if we come together, we’re invincible.

Life on earth is bound to get tougher.
Community becomes more important than ever.
Find your like-minded tribe. Where are they?
You’ll know them because it feels good to be with them.
Small groups are spreading light.
This is the way light grows and love flows.
We are moving into mutual support, cooperation, encouragement.
En – Courage.
Take Heart.

12 Things we can do for global warming

  • The new green choice for lighting is the LED light bulb – uses far less energy, and no toxic substances.
  • Use less water and keep water sources clean. Avoid lawn pesticides, microbeads, and toxic household chemicals.
  • Reduce the plastics and the packaging. Use your own water bottle, your own grocery bags. Simplify your purchases with less packaging.
  • Eat locally grown food to reduce pollution from transportation.
  • Eat organic foods to reduce pesticides and chemicals on land and water (and in your body ;-).
  • Eat fewer animal products. Farm animals contribute to the greenhouse effect and require tons of resources and water to sustain them.
  • Turn off lights and unplug appliances when they are not in use.
  • Use cold water for laundry and other tasks when possible.
  • Insulate your home to not waste energy. Don’t overheat or overcool your home.
  • Use your car less. Walk, bike, bus and train more often.
  • Use solar energy, wind energy and other renewable energy sources.
  • Try this online calculator to measure and reduce your own carbon footprint.

Share your suggestions with us here!

(Thanks to Pixabay for this image.)
earth-fire global warming pixabay

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