Anti-virus Strategies to Keep You Healthy and Strong 

Not a sales pitch, just a few strategies to avoid whatever virus is going around.
First a few ground rules.

  • good hand-washing especially in cold/flu season
  • stay well hydrated (drink half your body weight in ounces each day)
  • well rested
  • not over sugared
  • nurtured with veggies, healthy foods
  • stoked with some daily exercise (move your lymph – cellular waste)
  • stay alert to your body’s messages

Gotta hear what your body is telling you.
If you’re too busy to notice the beginnings of a sore throat, sinus issue, or achy body, then the bug can easily invade you.
These tactics work best if you jump into them at the first hint of illness.

Sore throat? Gargle with warm/hot salt water ASAP. (I have dragged myself out of bed during the night when I needed to do this, and it pays off!) Gargle twice a day or more to calm your throat.

Stuffy or drippy nose? Go to the sink, grab that neti pot of warm water (with a little salt and baking soda stirred in) and let it flush your nasal passages. If you have no neti pot, you can still do this with a mug of warm salted water, brought to your nose to carefully gently inhale a small amount into your sinuses, then release.
(It’s all about clearing the germs, folks!)

Here’s a common-cold cure a friend suggests:
A glass of orange juice with 2 packets of “Emergency” (Vit C powder) and 3 cloves fresh garlic, minced. (Garlic is nature’s antibiotic.) Drink it down without chewing – every two hours. You’ll be glad you did.

Go to an ordinary drugstore (or the web) to try my favorite  homeopathic medicines, pictured below. (I keep a stash on hand every winter because they work so well.)

These homeopathics are placed under the tongue to melt. This way they enter the bloodstream easily. Homeopathy presents a tiny amount of a curative substance to your immune system. It boosts your own immune system.

For Coldcalm, you’ll melt a couple tablets every 15 minutes for an hour, then every two hours for awhile. (Begin as soon as you suspect a cold coming on.)

In case of flu (body aches, hot tired eyes, headache), you’ll melt Oscillococcinum pellets under your tongue every 6 hours, three times a day for a couple days or so.
You won’t get the flu, if you have the awareness to nip it in the bud. How cool is that?
(Especially because this winter, the word is that the flu shot is not so effective this year. Not that I would suggest flu shots.)

Is the Boiron company paying $$ to advertise here?
NOPE. Their products have kept me healthy so many times, I want to spread the news.

I recognize that naysayers can be found on the web, criticizing such remedies. Those posts sound like the naysayer had waited until they had a full-blown cold or flu before they used the remedies.
I agree, most remedies do not work when your body has already succumbed to the virus. (If the virus slammed you: rest, drink lots of water and chicken soup.)

But. If you listen to your body and support it at the First Sign of illness, you will avert the virus! (Also Feed Your Microbiota)

Share with us your tips to stay healthy during this season?

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Boiron site FAQ on homeopathy ;  Wisdom of Homeopathy from Dr. Mercola

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