Dissonant World, Narrow View and Broad View

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Question: So much is wrong in the world. I don’t want to accept and allow the bad stuff. You say it will bring me peace, but at what price?

The price is to give up narrow view in favor of broad view.

This world of duality always holds dark and light. We always have both. And we have our opinion of both. We cling to those opinions. We tell ourselves the dark should not be here. But it is an intrinsic part of the show. It’s not going to leave.

What we really need is a bigger mind, a broad perspective.

Have you ever watched an ant hill, or maybe two ant hills in conflict? A lot is going on down there, right? But you have a broad view, and that scene is only one small part of your reality.

In meditation, we hopefully let go of opinions and find a tone of peace with everything. We go to “big mind,” and we’re able to take in everything, including the negative stuff, as part of the whole beautiful world.

Or imagine yourself coming into the theater of life, to watch stories take place on the screen. You’re going to need darkness. The house lights have to be dim in order to see the movie. It’s the darkness that puts you into the illusion of the story.

Within a short while, you feel you yourself are inside the movie, don’t you? Things are happening. Your heart is speeding up or slowing down, according to the story. It’s all an illusion, but you buy into it. You’re impacted by the darkness in the theater as well as the stress and drama of the story.

The darkness, the difficulty, has an important role in this earthly world.

Good music contains dissonance, and is richer because of that dissonance.
Listen to a beautiful chord of many notes on the guitar.
But take only two of those notes – B and C played right next to each other. They grate on the ear. They sound scary.
Yet with the whole chord, beauty.

In the same way, the incense of the old temple held eleven fragrances, one of which was a stench by itself. You would never want to bring that into the temple. Yet when added to all the other smells, it produced fullness. It gave more body to the whole blend. It made the whole orchestra of fragrances complete.

In our own memories, we might see how some negativity in an event adds to the whole experience. Those are surely the best life stories we like to tell each other, aren’t they? Life was so tough, look what we went through, but we made it.

See the Whole picture, instead of narrowing your vision down to one negative thing.

The moment you focus on one thing, that’s your doorway into time, into duality, into the loss of the panorama.

When you get hooked into narrow view, try to back up into broad view.

These words are from my spiritual teacher, now anonymous. This is an excerpt from Walking the Bridge – With a Fearless Heart – Guidance from a Wisdom School Vol. 1
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