Story of Karma, Higher Justice

Isaac told about a man who accidentally hit and killed a pedestrian. The pedestrian was an elderly man, maybe with Alzheimer’s, who walked out in front of the car. It wasn’t the driver’s fault, but he felt intensely guilty.
He could hardly live with himself. He did everything he could to make repairs, but still life was difficult.

Finally he wrote to a very wise and respected rabbi in Israel, telling about this situation and asking how to release himself.

The sage wrote back one word: “Amalek.”

Amalek was the nation of people who chased the Israelites through the desert for 40 years. The nemesis of the Jews.

So the troubled man didn’t know what to make of that. He already knew he was troubled, “chased,” persecuted by his conscience. He filed away the letter and tried to get his life back to normal. He wanted to move to a new place and start over.

He found a new location in the same general area, a home he liked. When the papers were signed, the young couple selling it expressed their relief, because this place had belonged to their father, who was killed some time before, hit by a car.

The man realized this was the very person he had hit. Oddly, he felt some resolution, as he lived in and cared for that elderly man’s home.

Some time later, he went down to the basement and found some old boxes filled with documents and photos. There was a photo of the elderly man when he was younger, wearing a Nazi uniform of high rank and standing next to Hitler. Not only that, but the documents included a list of all the people who had been put to death under his orders.

On the list were the names of this man’s own father and mother.

Justice was served.

We don’t know the big picture of karma, of divine justice.
The sage could see the big picture, which is why he replied, “Amalek.”
The persecutor received his due.

Sages have managed to dissolve themselves so much that they have access to the big picture.

This is a lesson for us, because so often we yearn for justice.
We think we need to go out and get justice ourselves.
But we can’t possibly know the bigger picture.
We with our limited human vision cannot correct everything. There’s too much.

We need to give it to God. We need to let it go and trust in divine justice, which will always prevail.
Of course if it’s a situation where we can actively repair it, apologize, forgive, make peace – we need to do that. But if it’s beyond your powers, let it go.

Our focus is not to stay glued to old worry, resentment, or guilt.
Our focus is to release, relax, and tune in to our divine connection. Nurture this.
Our focus is to take care with relationships. Your relationship with yourself, with God, with others here on earth.

This is an excerpt from Walking the Bridge – With a Fearless Heart – Guidance from a Wisdom School Vol. 1 to be published in print and as eBook on Amazon. Teachings from my spiritual teacher. See the book site

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