Pond of Stillness Meditation

When we talk about meditation, we often use the metaphor of a pond or a pool of water.

We want to make our mind quiet, like a still pond.

Every thought arising is like a stone cast into the water. It disturbs the water with a splash. Then it creates ripples, touching many other tangents, many other thoughts unfolding from the first one.

If our pond always has ripples, then we won’t notice the subtlety of a pebble dropping into it.

It takes a big boulder splashing in to get our attention. Only the big splash can be felt.

If our mind always carries turbulence, restlessness, then we may never notice, never hear or see anything that arises from the subtle realms beyond this one. We need a much deeper stillness inside, if we want to be aware of the subtle realms. And each realm is even more subtle than the last.

When we can find more stillness, the first thing that happens is, we gain insights during meditation. Some people like these insights so much, they stay there in the world of insights.

But there is more to be perceived if we continue deeper into stillness.

Stay aware. Don’t fall into sleep. Sleep is natural, but it’s the temptation we must overcome.
Sleep is an escape from what we don’t understand.

We need patience to get to these deeper quieter realms.
Patience will eventually overcome anything – and everything.
Stay in your seat and keep listening to the quiet.
Keep meditating for the allotted time.
Build this muscle of meditation.
Keep exercising it.

This is an excerpt from Chapter 19 of Walking the Bridge – With a Fearless Heart – Guidance from a Wisdom School Vol. 1 to be published December 3rd. Teachings from my spiritual teacher.

I agree, sleep is an escape from what we don’t understand. I have dropped off many times when something mind-boggling was presented to me.
How about you?  What’s your experience?

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