How Can Everybody Be Right? A Multi-storied Building of Reality

Think of a tall building, many stories tall, a skyscraper. You live on a particular floor, and your conflicting friend may live on another. Each of you holds a different opinion, a different attitude. From each floor of this building, the views are unique. The views change depending what floor you’re standing on.

The people of each level have their own shared view. They agree with each other: “This is the truth. We are right.”

On the first floor life is hard, not comfortable. From your window you see people walking by, dogs, trucks and taxis. You have dirt, trash, noise, even violence in the street.

Here at the bottom of the building we have more suffering. We don’t like it. We resist it. We hold rigid attitudes. We feel grumpy and constricted. This is a low vibration.

Higher up, you feel lighter. You look out over a treetop. You don’t feel bothered by that stuff on the street. You let go of it. It’s there, and you give what you can when you’re out on the sidewalk, yet you know you’re not in charge of all that. It’s the way of the world. You release resistance to it, and you enjoy your tree.

If someone lives very high on this building of vibration, their view is sky, clouds and birds. Lots of space, expansion. They feel light and happy. They have totally released resistance to whatever’s happening on the street, even if they must walk through it. They can allow all of it to be as it is.
They have the bigger perspective that shows them everything is in right order. They see everybody is “right.” Everybody is learning. Every situation is ultimately for the good.

We are meant to rise higher in this multi-storied building. We are meant to gain awareness and a broad view.
Our moods may take us up and down the elevator of this building. Learn to use your elevator.

It’s no accident that life is tough on the first floor.
Suffering is meant to loosen our grasp on our attachments.
Can we become conscious within our suffering? Can we give it a closer look? Can we be more aware of what is happening when we suffer?

People tend to be half-asleep, plowing through, fighting back, believing it’s a dog-eat-dog world, and the best defense is to attack other dogs.

Eventually it may dawn on us that we ourselves cause our own suffering.
We hold firm expectations that don’t get filled.
We hold rigid behaviors.
We hold the desires and fears of this this level.
We hold attachments. With enough suffering, we might begin to see how our attachments make us hurt.

Through grace we may gain more awareness and find ourselves on the second floor. But the second floor has a different style of attachments to release.

Whatever we think is outside of us, is really inside of us.

. . .

This skyscraper metaphor came from my spiritual teacher. Much of the above is excerpted from my book arriving December 3rd: “Walking the Bridge 1 – Toward Resilience, Balance, and Bliss – guidance from a Wisdom School.”
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