Perpetuate the Past or Plug in to the Vertical

What I learned from Wisdom School:

Remember the horizontal and the vertical.
The horizontal life is the practical way we live our life, our jobs, our families.
The horizontal is founded on the past. Because of our past, we think we know pretty much what our future will be.

We react to events according to what we know about them from our past. It worked this way last time, therefore I predict the same, and all my expectations are reinforced.

Past memories perpetuate our fears and desires. We predict more of the same.

We may live our whole lives in the horizontal, not touching the vertical very often. We can manage the horizontal.
But the more we remain in the horizontal without visits to the vertical, the more dry life becomes.

The vertical is the Present moment without judgment.
No fear, no desire. It just is.
We access the vertical through meditation, inner balance, divine connection.

The vertical shows us that everything here, despite appearances, is the Divine coming into being this moment, into the physical.
When we are in the vertical, we can see and accept this, without any opinions.

Opinion belongs in the horizontal. Opinion requires a past to make it work.

In the vertical there is no past. Everything simply is, and we take it as it is.

EmissionNebula from wikipedia


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