Your Fascinating Third Eye, How to Soar 

Imagine you can go anywhere with your mind’s eye.  Over to Timbuktu today or back to Charlemagne’s coronation.
Crazy? With enough practice and skill, you actually could do this.
The world is a hologram, so every tiny  piece of it contains the whole.
This means that each of us has within us everything that exists in the world, everything that ever existed in the world. Is it so far-fetched to think we could be in touch with any place we focus upon?

Whoops, there’s the rub. Focus!
We need a really quiet mind, a clean slate, for deep true vision.
It’s a process. But it could be fun, hey?

Third Eye (6th chakra) at the center of your forehead is the element of Light and the color of purple-blue indigo. It provides sight, both physical and intuitive. Even for practical matters, like envisioning your weekend, or picturing your goals.

chakras all Bali batikThe lower chakras have fewer petals encircling their mandalas, to represent density, lower frequency. The higher chakras, higher in frequency, have an increasing number of petals.

However Sixth chakra has only two petals, like wings, representing duality, the subject and object of witnessing consciousness. Its Sanskrit name, Ajna, means to perceive and command.

This is a place of light, self-reflection, intuition, imagery, insights, dreams, broad view. We can think symbolically. We can visualize. We can access a doorway to higher truth.
Yet the busy brain is here, too.
Illusions, delusions can fool us. Confusion can block our clear vision.

10 Ways to Help Third Eye – Sixth Chakra:

  • Be Grounded to the earth and fully Present, with a strong root chakra.
  • Daily Meditation to clear your screen, see the Light in your inner world.
  • Use guided visualizations to increase imagery and imagination.
  • Art therapy, creative fun, photography
  • Explore your dreams. Write down your dream as soon as you awaken.
  • Place your fingertip between your eyebrows. Tune in to sensations, colors, textures at that spot. Your attention magnifies the energy there.
  • Ajna meditation – eyes closed, direct your gaze up to your 3rd eye – you may see colors or images.
  • If busy-mind distracts or deludes you, do a “reset” – hold forehead and back of head – front and back of 6th chakra – for a minute.
  • Tap the forehead gently and bring to mind somebody you want to “see” from afar.
  • As you prepare to sleep, try the Ajna meditation, gazing up into 3rd eye, and let it be a tunnel into dreamland.

Possibly your psychic vision was clear in a past lifetime, but shut down due to violent events. Sometimes we’re afraid to see too much. (That would be me. How about you?)
There is a way to see suffering but not internalize it. Allow it to be what it is. Balance compassion with nonattachment.

Does a clairvoyant see everything like a clear movie, every detail in place? Not necessarily. They get dreamlike impressions, snippets, just as any of us might. But they have practiced enough to discern messages.
Let your imagination run, and see what comes of it.
With practice and experience, you’ll find what is valid and what is not.

Tell us, how do you fly with your mind’s eye?

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