How to Energize Unlock Open Your Remarkable Throat Chakra 

It’s uncanny how the soul shines through the voice. You phone a friend and smile because their voice is their character, their spirit.
No one else on the planet has your voice. It’s unique, like your fingerprint.
You are a precious soul, born for self expression, contributing to the harmony of humankind.
We need you. We want you to express your authentic self, your truth.

The voice makes vibrations, and how cool is that, for each of us?
Because this world and All the Worlds, all realms, are made of vibration.
The vibration of your voice can
–  heal your body, via toning  (vocalizing – stay tuned for another post)
–  soothe yourself and others
–  connect with language, expression, poetry, creativity
–  create music and song
–  can be heard and received easily in the higher realms (Try your own experiments. We’ll talk about this sometime.)

This 5th Chakra encompasses the throat and the ears, full communication.
Listening and speaking are part of allowing. Allowing those around us to be, without getting too offended by them. Giving each other sacred space to be who we are.

The throat sits between the heart and the head, both of which speak and listen.

Listening can be profoundly healing. Recall a time when someone gave you their undivided attention, listened deeply to you, took you in with full acceptance. A sweet experience. Have you been lucky enough to be truly heard by another?

In speaking, tone of voice means everything. (How often we forget.)
And we don’t have to speak our whole mind. There’s no need to share something unless the person can hear you. If they cannot hear your message, don’t challenge them with it.

The throat chakra element is sound, and its color is bright blue (or sky blue or turquoise in some traditions).  When balanced it brings creative expression, clear communication, honesty, a resonant voice, patient listening, and a good sense of timing.

Throat chakra imbalance is heard in a domineering voice, over-talking, interrupting, poor listening, aggression.
Or a thin weak voice, difficulty in expressing, shyness, fear of speaking, dishonesty, poor timing, poor rhythm, ailments of the throat, ears, neck, thyroid. Tight jaw or neck. Poor self-esteem, anxiety, depression.

9 ways to help your throat chakra

  • speak honestly – heartfelt communication
  • learn to listen well (The phrase “I hear you” goes a long way.)
  • loosen your neck and shoulders with massage and yoga
  • journal  – talk with your inner child
  • hydrate well, drink more (salt) water – it clears your throat, makes your cells happy
  • listen to sounds and inspiring music
  • sing out loud, chant, tone
  • engage in fun creativity without any goal
  • try aromatherapy – jasmine, sandalwood

I’ve also used therapeutic artwork (below) to help my throat chakra.
What have you tried – got any tips for us?
How well can you express who you are?
How is your sense of timing? Do you know when to push forward and when to wait?

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