5 Ways to Boost Your Beautiful Brave Heart Chakra

Heart is the new brain!
We are living now in the Cour-age, the Age of the Heart.  We earthlings are moving steadily out of our heads into our hearts.

This doesn’t mean we’re crazy (although some may be). It means we’re gaining depth, compassion, friendship, mutual support, inclusion, hands-across-the-globe. This will only get better as we open and stabilize our hearts. This expanding love will not shrink nor go backwards. It cannot. It’s already out of the bag.

Heart chakra’s color is a brilliant green. Its element is air.
Imagine your heart as light and spacious as air, like the open sky.
Surrounding the heart, the lungs fill with air. Air, deep breaths, can ease the burdens of the heart.

Whereas the lower three chakras deal with earthly life (survival, sex, power), this fourth chakra is a combination of earth and heaven. It’s a meeting place for the divine inside you. It’s a natural resting place for spirit.

heart chakra symbol wikimedia 40 lighterSee the heart chakra mandala of intersecting triangles, one rising from earth, the other descending from heaven? They illustrate how your earthly nature and your heavenly nature meet in your heart.
Here many of our opposites come together – our light side and dark side, female and male aspects, body and mind, ego and soul.
It’s no accident that these triangles form a six-sided Star of David, which may also be seen as the sacred chariot Merkaba rising to higher realms.

The heart’s purpose is love and balance, including self-love, relationships, and community. Give and receive. Love and be loved.
We may feel challenged in our ability to receive, to let ourselves feel the love offered to us.
We also tend to get caught up in our head, our habit-of-mind, our ego patterns of behavior.
Often it takes courage to act from our heart rather than our automatic ego.
But you got this.
Your heart emanates the strongest electromagnetic field in your body.

With a balanced heart chakra, we are empathetic, loving, compassionate, altruistic, self-loving and peaceful. We have a good immune system, reasonable boundaries.

An unstable heart chakra may correlate to fear of relationships, loneliness, grief, depression, narcissism, or over-giving, clinging, demanding, codependency, sacrificing too much. Possible history of criticism, shaming, abuse, abandonment, rejection, or loss.
Physically there may be disorders of the heart, lungs, chest, breasts, arms. Asthma, COPD, cardiac disease, poor immune system, upper back tension.
An energy medicine session can repair the heart chakra and bring relief on many levels.

You can improve your heart chakra in a multitude of ways. Here are a bunch:

  • The vowel sound ay spoken aloud with each exhale, like a chant, reverberates in your chest and strengthens your heart chakra. Also use meditations for the heart . (Explore HeartMath)
  • The heart is not built to hold onto stuff, but to circulate the blood and emotions. Allow anger, fear, shame, disapproval, difficult emotions to simply rise and fall as natural waves of energy. Breathe through them, and they dissipate. Don’t defend them with a story. Don’t cling to them. When you get quiet and breathe deeper into your heart, you tap into Universal Love.
  • Go for full self-acceptance and self love with this mirror practice.
    And strengthen your gratitude practice.
  • Engage in forgiveness, especially toward family / Align relationships / Shore up your healthy boundaries.
  • Try open-chest back-arching yoga poses / Breath exercises, Pranayama

A Bonus Tip – my favorite:  Sing along to feel-good uplifting music. Heart-opening, heart healing tunes. Don’t worry about your vocal skills. This is about lungs, heart, soul.
Go for it.
What’s your favorite heart-strengthener? Do tell.

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain HillsAlso check out our meditation groups in Fountain Hills. (Thanks to pixabay & wikimedia for this collage of images.)
heartchakra vine pixabay wikimedia collage

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  1. My favorite heart-healing song is Forever Young, (Bob Dylan). I’m learning to play it on the uke to accompany my vocals. “…May fortune be with you; may your guiding light be strong…”


  2. Margaret Grannis says:

    Thanks for these, Diane. I’m enjoying them a lot and am sending them to my Norwegian sister-in-law and brother, who seem to be interested.


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