We Need Your Powerful Heart Energy

We need you now. Not only your actions and your prayers, but your tone. In your heart.
There’s grief in your heart, yes. Breathe into it. Allow the emotional energy of grief to flow, to eventually release.
Beyond the sadness, remember.
Your heart energy radiates six feet to miles in every direction.
Your heart is powerful.
Your heart is the key in these tough years.

This world is vibration, from the deep ditch of hopelessness to breezy contentment.
Fear sits low on the scale and blocks our view of better feelings.
Fear makes us think fear is truth.  But it is not.  It’s just another view.
We each operate our own elevator up and down through these vibrations.

Our Attention is our most powerful tool.
Place your attention on a better-feeling thought.  Anything you like.
What do you like? Bring it to mind.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath down your spine and say,
“I open myself up to receive light, love, inspiration, and truth.” *
Relax into it.  Let it work on you.  Breathe.
Let this light flow out to humankind.
This is not an escape.  This brings circulation and light all the way to the extremities of pain on our planet.

( * Thanks to my friend Dr. Peebles for this line and this practice. This post is partially excerpted from Lift the Chaos of 2015. We’ve been in the soup for years. We’re not nearly done. That’s why we need you.)
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See Diane in Phoenix or Fountain Hills. Meditation groups – Tuesdays in Phoenix, Thursdays in Fountain Hills. Thanks to pixabay for this portrayal of our physical home.

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