How’s your Warmth, Willpower? Third Chakra Energy Secrets

Belly up to the bar and take your rightful place in the world!
Yes, third chakra is in your belly. Some traditions say it’s at the navel, others say solar plexus. Third chakra supports the adrenal glands and the organs of digestion and elimination.
Hark!  Does this mean it serves our strength, energy level, ability to digest our world and release whatever does not serve us?  Yes.
These issues are not small potatoes – they’re big ones. In fact 3rd chakra often needs repair and loving attention. (In my practice, 2nd and 3rd are the most common chakra repairs needed.)

With a color of yellow and the element of fire (“fire in the belly”), third chakra also relates to our ego identity, self-image, our role, and potentially our selfless service.

An unbalanced third chakra may look like:

  • overeating or under-eating
  • all problems of digestion, leaky gut, IBS, constipation, diabetes, etc.
  • fatigue or restless agitation — craving stimulants or sedatives
  • aggression or passivity
  • control-freak arrogance or wimpy victimhood
  • too much or too little self-esteem
  • unaware of healthy boundaries between self and others
  • subtle tendencies of all of the above

With a stable third chakra, we have a sense of our appropriate place, our personal power, without being too aggressive or too shy. We have a healthy ego, willpower, confidence, spontaneity and a sense of humor. We are responsible, reliable, and self-disciplined.

Questions to ponder for this “fire in your belly” —
How assertive or unassertive are you? Intimidating or intimidated?
Do you have a strong competitive streak, must win? Can you also lose gracefully?
Do you feel adequate?
Do you worry about your competence? Do you appreciate your capabilities?
How is your sense of responsibility? Overly responsible? Irresponsible?
How reasonable are your boundaries?
How well do you digest your world?  How much do you resist?  How much is indigestible?
Can we allow it to be as it is, without fighting it so hard?
It’s not our job to fix the whole world, but to allow and enjoy the diversity here.

Hot Tips to Heal Third Chakra:

  • Improve your digestion – resolve leaky gut, feed your microbiota gut flora
  • Get a healthy colon – eliminate daily, even 3 times a day.
  • Strengthen your core with Foundation Training, sit-ups, Pilates.
  • Daily walking helps the whole digestive system.
  • Bring balance to your ego and take your rightful place.
  • Be self-empowered but not overpowering to others. Watch the boundaries.
  • Go for relaxation. Release stress. Meditate a minute a day.
  • Ginger, mint, or chamomile in tea or topical essential oils can help 3rd chakra.
  • Appreciate how capable and proficient you already are, in so many ways.
  • Be happy to play your unique role in your world.

What do you think? Opinions? Suggestions? How’s your belly?

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