How to find Delight, Pleasure, Creativity in Second Chakra

Pleasure, emotion, desire, creativity, the ability to move and connect with each other: these are the gifts of Second Chakra.
Water is the element here – waves of water, waves of duality. Dualistic opposites balance each other. Yin and Yang.
Here we hold our strong desires along with the fluid ups and downs of emotions.
When we listen to our emotional guidance system, it can direct our path.
Our feelings lead us to stronger intuition.

This chakra is located in the low belly, sacrum and hips, which lead to movement.
It is also connected to the spleen or splenic chakra on the left upper abdomen.
Orange is the traditional color here, which speaks of joy, hope, exuberance.

How healthy is your second chakra?
Do you have fluidity and grace?
How is your sense of guilt or shame? Can you let it go?
How well do you let yourself feel your feelings? (Often more difficult than it sounds.)
Can you go with the flow, switch gears when something changes unexpectedly?
Do you feel okay to indulge in pleasures? Do you over-indulge?
Do you have good boundaries with others? Are you enmeshed or codependent?
Are you too dependent and clingy, or too independent and bossy?
Does life feel fairly fun, or is it a dull chore?

Second chakra can be weakened by experiences of rejection, manipulation, poor boundaries, physical or emotional abuse. These may result in dampened emotions, a lack of passion, disinterest in pleasure, poor social skills, rigidity, lack of easy natural movement.

With an excessive second chakra, a person may be obsessed about others, manipulative, invading others’ boundaries, with mood swings, sexual addiction, or fixated on unrealistic expectations.

Self care tips for Second Chakra:

  • Dance, move your hips, or use yoga stretches to open hips.
  • Celebrate your sacred sexuality and the pleasures of life.
  • You don’t have to work to exhaustion before you play.
  • Eat dessert first sometimes. Go for what you desire.
  • Feel your feelings – don’t tamp them down.
  • Explore the sensuality of touch, taste, smell.
  • Embrace your flexibility, adaptability.
  • Allow the natural rhythms of your body, the highs and lows throughout the day.
  • Release old pain, shame, stress, and toxins.
  • Live a balance of give-and-take, active and passive, assertion and cooperation.
  • Play like a kindergartner each day – sing, dance, draw, color. Blow bubbles!
  • Take up a new-to-you form of creativity – learn to play harmonica, knit, calligraphy.
  • Open up to curiosity and fun. What would be fun for you?

Remember when you were a little kid and everything looked and tasted fascinating? You were fully in the moment. You were with the leaves and the ants. You were totally absorbed in whatever you saw.
This is the sense of wonder in a healthy second chakra.
Lovely things arise in each moment, and here you are, loving them.

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