Sure Fire Way to Avert Disease, Make Your pH Happy

Would you pour the wrong fuel into your car and damage the engine? I’m not suggesting it. Just wondering. Most of us avoid doing that.
But man oh man, we often pour too much acid into our own body and wreck our own engine.
Sugar, a huge acid, is our biggest downfall to ruin our health. Studies say excess refined sugar leads to most diseases, even cancer and Alzheimer’s.
Most of the Western diet, which is heavy on carbohydrates and meats, throws in far too much acid.

Our body is supposed to be slightly alkaline for good health.
The more acid foods we eat, the more we suffer inflammation, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and all the chronic diseases of age.

Did you know that most cancers thrive in an acidic environment?

Did you know the body often uses minerals to neutralize acid, and this process weakens your bones and wreaks havoc in many other ways?

Did you know your body tries to protect your internal organs by shoving the acid into your fat, away from vital organs?

Did you know how hard it is to get rid of toxic acidic fat? Basically we need to detox before we can lose weight (especially later in life). We need to move to an alkaline diet.

Here’s a challenge: today and for the rest of this week,
– double the amount of veggies you eat,
– reduce sugar intake to half (tiny portions),
and let me know how you feel.

On a more alkaline diet your body will be happier, younger, with more energy. Choose alkaline veggies for 80% of your intake. See the alkaline acid food chart, below (many more charts available on the web).

Right – we’ve hinted at veggies before, but it’s such a big deal for good health.

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(I am grateful to share this pinterest food chart, which I modified slightly.)
pH food chart pinterest modified DS

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