Superb Energy Healing You Can Do with Your Heart

Do-it-yourself energy healing – yes!
Because we are 99% nothing-but energy! Certainly you can heal yourself.
As Spirit, wearing a human body, you have charge of your health.

Body pain often shows us our own issues and concerns.
As in, “Oh boy I don’t like this – I cannot step into this.” (sore foot)
“My foundation feels shaky.” (hips, sacrum, tailbone)
“That situation / person is so wrong, it galls me to see it.” (gall bladder)

Not to worry, it’s just the human condition.
Our underlying conflicts scramble the energy pathways, the fine streams of light within our body.

My friend James Martin Peebles gave me this self healing method. I’m excited because it resonates with what we know already.
We know our head gets in our way.
We know our head often disagrees with our heart.
We know our heart has a huge energy field and healing power.

Begin by fully accepting yourself where you are right now, warts, troubles, and all.
Accept your body exactly the way it is.
Know that you chose this body’s size, shape, and idiosyncrasies for good reasons.
Know that your body is fine as it is.
Know and embrace the fact that it’s a beautiful body. It serves you so well. It’s a vehicle for your radiant soul.

Breathe deeply.
Look into the area of pain or problem.
You’ll see the lines of energy there as a tangled mess of threads. A knot of distress. It’s a form of resistance and miscommunication between the head and the heart.

Close your eyes, breathe into your spine, and place your hand upon your heart. Feel the serenity between your head and your heart.
The heart energy expands as you breathe.
A peaceful river flows between your heart and head.
Feel a clear line of communication between the two.
Relax into this.

Breathe deeply.
Let your attention rest with curiosity on the tangled knot of blocked energy.
Consider it. Gently question it. What is going on here?
Allow whatever comes up. You may learn something. Or not. No matter.
Keep breathing, observing, staying with the peace you feel between your heart and your head.

Ask for this knot of energy to relax.
Keep that clear and loving current between heart and head.
Watch the tangled knot release, unfold, surrender into easy flowing lines of light.

You have the natural ability to move energy inside yourself.
Your attention is a powerful thing.
Your imagination is a powerful thing.
Your vibration is a powerful thing.
Your inner tone of peace and love for yourself carries great impact.

Suspend your doubt. Spend 10 minutes of contentment on this.
You may be pleasantly surprised with the result.
Or perhaps your issue, and your doubt, might feel a little stuck.
The problem might improve only 20% so you say, ‘That feels like nothing.’
It is not nothing.
Try it a couple times a day for awhile. See how it goes.

Tone is everything.
Your mood colors every thing.
Your attention enlarges every thing.
Your Spirit infuses your body.

Many Thanks to my friend Dr Peebles for this self-healing method.
As he says, “through your choices and perceptions, you do indeed create your own reality.”

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