Energy healing, not as crazy as you think?

Around the world people are loving the benefits of energy healing. They use it for everything from pain to skin conditions to hormonal dysfunctions to fertility to depression, anxiety, asthma, autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases, cancer, and more.

How does this work so well? We are energy. The body is energy. Our biofield, electromagnetic field, surrounds and saturates us.
The leading edge of science tells us our bodies are literally filled with light and information.
Energy healing accesses this light and information, removing blockages, restoring natural streams of energy right down to the cellular level.

In his 2007 book, The Energy Healing Experiments, Dr. Gary Schwartz PhD said the leading theory at that time to explain energy healing was the concept of resonance. Sympathetic resonance and harmonic resonance.

For sympathetic resonance think of guitar strings or tuning forks.  With two same-tone tuning forks, if you strike one, the other will spontaneously start to vibrate.
If you have two guitars next to each other, pluck one string and see how the same string on the quiet guitar responds. (This will blow your mind.)
This sympathetic resonance is what many healers feel when they channel a higher vibration to the client. The client finds resonance with it and gets tuned to that higher vibration.
With harmonic resonance, vibrations resonate through multiple frequencies, harmonic tones. (Some people feel this too.)

Resonance is the basis of energy communication. This same process of vibration and resonance operates antennas and cell phones. Across the continents.
Schwartz writes, “Resonance is the quantum-field mechanism underlying life, growth, evolution, and health.”

In the past 10 years alone, styles of energy healing have multiplied and expanded tremendously.
Because so many people regain their health  from it.
Because so many scientists confirm its validity.
Because it is aligned with the quantum way of looking at ourselves and our world.
Because it is holistic, treating the whole person (not compartmentalized medicine).
Because it is non-invasive and non-toxic, economical and safe (not pharmaceutical).
Because it unblocks energy, stress, and pain – physically, mentally, emotionally.
Because it doesn’t just treat symptoms, but releases the root cause of limitation.
Because belief in it is not needed. It works on your energy system. All you need is an open mind to give it a chance.
Because almost anyone can tune in and feel energy in their own hands. It is a skill to be developed.

Research studies have confirmed the advantage of energy healing for pain, even chronic pain, cancer, cardiovascular disease, immune function, stress, autoimmune diseases, better recovery after surgery, reducing fatigue and increasing energy.
Searching the web for “cancer support groups who recommend energy healing,” we find over nine million entries.
I like the Reiki and Chakra Healing articles written by Virgil Anderson at, which offers resources for this type of cancer.

I see a time ahead when most of us will use natural energy for ourselves and others.
Using energy, we encourage the body, heart, and mind back to a natural healthy state.
We don’t make claims nor predict a prognosis. Each person’s healing is unique to them.
If you take this path, relax and be kind to yourself.
Be ready to release old patterns.
Be ready to receive and refresh.
Be ready to lighten up.

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