Boost Your Habit of Mind, Reset to Wonderful 

Do you ever wake up with the glimmering of a message inside you?
A gift on the doorstep of your awareness, left by whatever happened while you slept?

So I woke up realizing that 70% of my waking hours are spent focused upon the 7% of my life that I don’t like. How crazy is that?
This has been going on below my radar, below my awareness. I can’t deny it.
The undercurrent of my thought tends to go to that 7%.
Gosh darn it, 70% of the time?  Afraid so. Wasting my energy.
(And that’s better than years ago, but … ?)

My personality style habitually looks for imperfections.
Others may habitually look for what’s missing, or what’s hazardous, or where’s the power, or do I have enough options, or what do others need, or what’s the next goal, or how to keep the peace, or do I have enough information or personal freedom.
(Yup, you hear it: Enneagram – 9 styles of the ego.)

Are you curious to know yourself?
Take a deep breath into your spine.
Ask where your habit of attention goes.
It’s okay. It’s the human condition. It’s a life-lesson.

It’s a mental habit. My mind sticks to what I don’t like.
Funny, because I do love my life, and I am grateful for it.
After all, 93% of my life is terrific.
What a yardstick to use! 93% wonderful!
(Instead I carry around this 7% dislike?  What’s up with that?)
Why don’t I dwell happily on the 93%?
Why do I keep forgetting all these blessings?
We all forget.
Our focus sticks to our personal habit-of-mind.

Whatever we focus upon grows larger.
Our attention feeds it.
We easily make a mountain out of a pebble.

So I’m grateful for this wake-up call.
This week when something unwanted crops up, in my head or in front of my face, I remind myself: here’s that 7%. You gonna let it bring you down?
Re-focus on the 93%.
Re-focus on gratitude.
Re-focus on those blessings.

We have charge of our attention.
Lasso it!
Pull it in.
Breathe and let go of those mental snags. (Meditate a minute.)

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