How to Avert a Headache, Get Relief for Good

June is “Migraine and Headache Awareness Month,” so I’m sending compassion and help for headaches. Although I’m no expert, I have helped some people avert and resolve headaches.

Dehydration is a major cause of head pain.
A healthy brain is 85% water – soft, squishy, like semi-formed gelatin.
When we get dehydrated, the poor brain and tissue layers hurt from lack of water.
Besides drinking water, we need enough healthy salt so the cells will retain that water.
As we age, we tend to become dehydrated on the cellular level.
Celtic sea salt, high in many trace minerals, is recommended.

Years ago my coworker suffered migraines. She felt one coming on, and I urged her to drink two very tall glasses of water and put some salt on her tongue.
“Eww,” she said, “I don’t drink water.” (Her drink of choice was Coke – which is dehydrating in itself.)
But she tried it. Two big glasses of water, ugh, and salt on the tongue. To her amazement, it worked.
No migraine, thanks to the work and the writings of Dr. Batmanghelidj.

Higher Temperatures trigger migraines. A study done in Boston showed that when the temperature rose by 9 degrees Fahrenheit, there was a 7.5% increase in severe migraines brought to the Emergency Rooms.

Imbalanced Minerals can be another root cause of chronic headaches. Minerals in the body tissues are measured by a hair analysis. Copper excess, Magnesium deficiency, or other imbalances may spark headaches.

Vitamins could be the culprit. Studies show that a deficiency of B2, B6, B9 (folate), folic acid, B12, or an excess of Vitamin A or Zinc – any of these may result in headaches.
Vitamin E can help menstrual migraines.
(Some sources recommend Vitamin D, but I would stay far away from that, because it threw my minerals out of whack. If you are on Vitamin D, be sure to check your tissue minerals.)

Aspartame and other chemical sweeteners are known to produce headaches.
Migraines are the most common side effect of aspartame, which is found in up to 9000 of our popular drinks and foods.

Subtle food allergies may initiate headaches and/or sinus pressure. It’s well worth your time to investigate these. (Environmental allergies are another cause, of course.)

Also consider:  how flexible and aligned are your neck and skull?
The cranial bones are not static (as conventional medicine may have assumed). They’re not frozen in place. Rather, these cranial plates move a little with the breath and with the pumping of the cerebrospinal fluid.
The cranial plates can be re-aligned using Craniosacral Therapy, Cranial Release Technique, or other modalities. Biomechanical Restructuring is great for your neck.

And. Perhaps there’s a deeper reason for recurring head pain. Perhaps it arises from an energetic block, or some forgotten emotional trauma. Energy work can be helpful here.

These are but a few ideas to dissolve pain.
Wishing You Wellness –

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