How to Get a Happy Belly – Curb Speed Eating

Anyone for Speed Eating? I confess, I’ve been shoveling it in too fast.
(In a rush, eager for the next moment, not this one here.)

Speed eating can make us overweight and malnourished at the same time.
Chunky food, un-chewed, leads to indigestion, bloating, more toxins, more weight.
Un-chewed food won’t contribute all its nutrients, so we lack real nourishment.
Our teeth need to mash it.
Our saliva, bringing in 70% of our digestive enzymes, needs to process it.
In the mouth.
Before it leaves the mouth.
So we gotta sloooow down.

Not only that –
the faster we eat, the less we enjoy it.
The faster we eat, the more we overeat because our body doesn’t have time to tell us we’re getting full.
The faster we eat, the more air we swallow which causes more acid indigestion and GERD.
The faster we eat, we double our risk of diabetes and obesity.  So say the researchers.

Grandma says chew every bite 30 times.
Or spend 30 seconds with every bite.
You might want to chomp until it feels like soup.
Maybe put down the fork after each bite?
Stretch your eating-time to at least 20 minutes.

If you do, you’ll
 get better nourishment,
 feel full sooner on less food (lose weight),
 with less acid reflux, bloating, gas, indigestion, inflammation.

HINT: When you load your plate, pile on those veggies, and eat some of them first.
Research says, whatever food you eat first, you will eat 50% more of that food group during the meal.
Reach for Carbs first, and you’re likely to bump up those starches by 50% more than you would have eaten.

Do you have any tips and tricks for chewing or vegetable-ing? We’d love to hear them.
(What if we had a Veggie Fan page on FB???)

When I’m heading for a party, I’ll eat a handful of baby carrots before I go, to get my veggies. Then I’m not starving by the time I smell the pizza, so I don’t go crazy (maybe).
Race you – !?

Chew Long

rat-racing car pizza pixabay swirlThanks to pixabay for letting me twist and modify this pic.

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